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HC Chapter 7

“Grandma, I’m returning to China this time because I want to talk to the Xie family about a business deal.”

Ye Yunla pulled open the bag she was carrying and took out a document.

She placed the document on the table and said indifferently, “I studied computer programming at university, and during these four years abroad I entered Haver for further study and developed an intelligent chip. This chip is not yet on the market and is looking for a partner, and I hope to work with the Xie family.”

“Snort, Ye Yunla, you have a big mouth, just by your words, our Xie family wants to cooperate with you?” Xie Siqi disdainfully brushed her mouth, “The Xie family is a top ten group in Haicheng, how many companies begged and begged to cooperate with us, we didn’t even bother to look at them! What makes you think you can do that?”

Old Madam Xie was about to speak when she was interrupted by the Xie family’s eldest uncle.

Xie Heng, Xie’s great uncle, stepped forward, “Mom, LaLa is my own niece, and I’m also heartbroken, but in the matter of the company, you can’t let one step go just because you’re heartbroken. Now that Xie’s Group is entering the internet smart product market, it’s struggling, we can’t break the rules just because of LaLa.”

“Xie’s Group has spent a huge amount of money to acquire a smart chip from overseas and is about to put it into production, why should they change their partner just because of your words?”

“I think Ye Yunla is just trying to use this partnership to ask her grandmother for money, don’t be too obvious, okay?”

“She’s dead, what’s the point of coming back alive?”

“Grandma loved her so much, her name will definitely be on her will ……”

“She’s a person with the surname Ye, what gives her the right, there were so many scandalous things that happened back then ……”

People from the Xie family expressed their opinions, and it was a rare occasion that the several families, who had always been infighting, unified their opinions.

The granddaughter she had been hoping for for four years was easily willing to come back, yet she was treated with such hostility by her own family, and Old Lady Xie’s forehead was green with anger.

However, before Old Lady Xie could say anything, a soft and sticky voice rang out.

Ye Jingzhan had always been a quiet child.

But how could he stand by and watch when his mummy was under siege?

The little one took a step forward and looked up at Xie Heng: “Granduncle Grandpa, may I ask if the smart chip in Xie’s group is the MCP12 made by Ande’s company?”

Xie Heng frowned: “How do you know?”

“I also know that although this chip is smooth, it is not perfectly functional and many commands cannot be received. But if the AMP1 and RIWE-34 processor substrates are embedded in it, it can greatly enhance the chip’s intelligence ……” Ye Jingzhan spoke indifferently, “If Xie’s group wants a share of the intelligent market, it would be better not to choose this chip.”

He was only four years old and stood inconspicuously in the crowd.

But what he said made everyone present turn pale.

The younger generation who didn’t work in Xie’s group might not understand, but Xie Heng really understood too well.

He had heard his a*sistant mention every point this boy had made and had thought about improving it, but the market had only just risen and even the big multinational conglomerates simply could not make the most perfect smart chip, so of course Xie’s Group could only settle for what it had.

Xie Heng finally put away the contempt in his eyes, “You, how do you know so much?”

When he was four or five years old, he was still playing in the mud, he didn’t even know what a smart chip was, let alone such a complicated term.

“It was all taught to me by my mommy!” Ye Jingzhan blinked, “My mommy was called a chip genius by Professor Haver, if Great Uncle Grandpa works with my mommy, it’s you who earned it oh.”

Ye Yunla stroked her son’s head, a little helpless.

When it came to genius, it should be Jing’er.

The boy had been particularly interested in computers since he was born, and at only four years old, he had become a master hacker.

She also had Jing’er’s help in developing this chip, otherwise it wouldn’t have gone so smoothly.

Ye Yunla pushed the contract over and said in a light voice, “Eldest uncle, you can read the description of the chip in the contract first.”

Xie Heng turned the contract over with a complicated mind.

Then, shock!

The joint that the Xie Group had spent three months and hired more than a hundred computer programmers to develop, but had not been broken through, had actually been broken through by Ye Yunla with ease.

If the smart chip she had developed was really what the contract said, then, the Xie Group was going to soar in the smart market!

“Yara, this chip of yours, is there a second company you’re working with?”

Xie Heng asked with suppressed ecstasy.

Ye Yunla’s voice was the usual clear and cold: “Not for now.”

“Yara, big uncle will sign the contract here!” Xie Heng couldn’t wait to have someone bring a pen over.

Xie Siqi’s eyes widened, “Dad, you’re crazy, can’t you see that it’s Ye Yunla and this little wild b*****d deliberately singing in unison to fool you?”