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HC Chapter 61

Ye Yunla pulled open the car door and got into the driver’s seat.

She was about to start the engine when the door of the pa*senger seat was pulled open.

Fu Beijue bent down and sat in the car, his face reckless and lazy, as if it was his own car.

Ye Yunla sneered and curled her lips, “Mr. Fu, what do you mean by that?”

“My car has broken down, you can take me back.” Fu Beijue leaned back on the car seat and said indifferently, “It won’t be a wasted trip for you.”

Ye Yunla let go of the steering wheel and said in a good-natured manner, “I’m sure the Ye family would be happy to give Mr. Fu a lift, why don’t I call Ye Xueying?”

“Are you that afraid to be alone with me?”

Fu Beijue suddenly bent down, his cold face moving a few inches closer towards Ye Yunla.

The two people’s breaths intertwined and the air inexplicably became ambiguous.

Ye Yunla’s heartbeat was suddenly disturbed.

She pretended to be calm and twisted her head, gripping the steering wheel, and said indifferently, “Last time at the Xie family banquet, Mr. Fu saved my daughter, so this time, consider it a gift of thanks from me back to Mr. Fu.”

She started the engine and the car drove smoothly down the street.

Fu Beijiu noticed that she drove habitually on the left side, it seemed that she had indeed lived abroad before.

He was suddenly interested in her life these past four years.

But this woman was too defensive of him, and whatever he asked, she probably wouldn’t answer.

He leaned back in his seat and spoke indifferently, “I’m looking for you this time because I want to talk to you about cooperation.”

Ye Yunla continued to drive without looking away: “Mr. Fu might as well tell me, what do you want to work with me on?”

“Fu’s group is involved in a wide range of things, and in the past few years it has targeted the car industry, I have always wanted to embed smart chips in cars to make them truly intelligent.” Fu Beijue’s cold and deep voice rang out in the car, “But there are too few people in China who can develop this kind of chip, my idea has been taking shape for two years but I have been unable to put it into practice, Miss Ye, are you interested?”

Ye Yunla’s eyes narrowed, “Mr. Fu, you had someone check me out?”

Only the Xie family knew that she could develop chips.

Even if Xie Siqi was unaware of the priorities, it was impossible for her to reveal such a business secret.

Therefore, it was only possible that this man had secretly checked on her.

“Miss Ye, are you thinking too much, what am I doing checking up on you for nothing?” Fu Beijue’s hawk-like eyes examined her up and down, “Although you are pretty and live up to the title of the No. 1 beauty in Haicheng, you are not yet good enough for me to find someone to check up on you.”

Ye Yunla pursed her scarlet lips.

Since she hadn’t checked her out, how would she know about her talent in developing chips?

“Fu’s group went overseas to recruit programming talents, and a professor from Harvard University recommended a student called Ye Yunla to me.” Fu Beijue elegantly opened his lips, “Ye Yunla, a programming genius, this is the praise the Harvard professor gave you, this genius, should be you right?”

Ye Yunla was slightly embarra*sed.

She had really thought too much.

Was she suffering from persecution paranoia?

She spoke dryly, “Mr. Fu, I think your idea is quite interesting, I still need to see the relevant documents before I can confirm whether I can cooperate.”

She had been working on setting up her studio for the past two days.

It was naturally a good thing that a collaboration came to her door at this time.

But for some reason, she always felt that this man was very dangerous.

After she had two children, she was accustomed to being careful in whatever she did, for fear that if she was not careful, she would lose everything.

She could not afford to lose.

“Fu’s Group is a giant ship with an extremely mature business system, working with Fu’s, you basically don’t need to consider any risks.” Fu Beijue continued, “Of course, if Miss Ye has any concerns about refusing to cooperate, I will also respect Miss Ye’s wishes.”

Ye Yunla gripped the steering wheel and drove quietly.

But her heart had already been turning a thousand times.