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HC Chapter 62

She had checked the business situation in Hai Cheng long ago and it could be said that the Fu Group was the only one.

If she could work with the Fu Group, she would be on a safe ship, just waiting to count her money.

But why would Fu Beijiu choose her?

Just because Professor Haver recommended her?

She was not the only student at Haver who had a talent for chip design, she could only be ranked third at best.

During Ye Yunla’s quiet thoughts, the car finally arrived at Fu’s villa.

It was located halfway up the hill, a three-storey detached villa that wasn’t too big, but surrounded by a swimming pool and garden playground, it took up at least a thousand square feet.

Here, was the real mansion.

“Mr. Fu, I will think about the cooperation, and I will definitely give you an answer within three days.”

Ye Yunla curled her lips and said with a polite smile.

Fu Beijue pushed open the car door and nodded, “Then I will wait for Miss Ye’s good news.”

He took a step and walked towards the villa.

Ye Yunla was about to drive when she saw a black man’s wallet fall from the pa*senger seat.

This car of hers was the only one that Fu Beijiu had ever sat in.

She picked up the wallet and got out of the car, shouting loudly, “Mr. Fu, you left your wallet behind.”

Fu Ziling was reading a book on the first floor when suddenly a clear, familiar voice leapt into his eardrums.

His eyes snapped open and he rushed to the balcony with a single arrow step.

At the entrance of the villa on the ground floor, a woman in a small beige suit stood there.

The woman had a smile on her face, and in the sunlight, it gave off a million rays.

Fu Ziling’s heart, which had been sullen for days, at this moment, the dark clouds dispersed.

He rushed downstairs without a thought.

Butler Qiao was so frightened that he hurriedly chased after him: “Young master, don’t run, come back quickly …… Mister is back, if you rush out like this, Mister will be angry ……”

But housekeeper Qiao was old, how could he catch up with a small child who was running wildly?

Fu Ziling no longer had the heart to care whether daddy would be angry or not.

All he knew was that he wanted to see this woman so badly!

He was not willing to miss this opportunity ……

Ye Yunla had just handed her purse to Fu Beijue when suddenly, a white and tender glutinous rice ball rushed towards her and hugged her thighs.

Then, the little one crawled on all fours and stomped up into her arms, wrapping an arm around her neck.

“Wooooooooo, Auntie Yunla, you’ve finally come to me!”

Fu Ziling said with a choked sob as he hugged her.

Ye Yunla froze for a few seconds before she responded, she raised her eyes to Fu Beijue and asked with her mouth, what’s wrong with your son?

“Sir, it’s me who didn’t keep an eye on the young master, I’ll take the young master upstairs now!”

Butler Qiao came late and walked over and carried Fu Ziling over.

But the little one was clinging to Ye Yunla’s neck, unwilling to let go.

Butler Qiao was afraid of hurting the young master, so he didn’t dare to use much force, and his head was sweating with anxiety.

“Fu Ziling, you’re grabbing my hair.”

Ye Yunla said indifferently.

The little guy let go of his hand as if he was electrocuted and looked at her with great guilt.