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HC Chapter 77

Four burly men pushed the wheelchair outside.

Just as they pulled open the door to the conference room, they saw a dozen security guards coming this way down the corridor.

“Who are you people?”

The head of the security guards walked over with his baton.

The burly man in the lead said calmly, “This is our young lady, her leg was injured in a fall, we are picking her up.”

Ye Yunla tried to open her mouth to speak, but her mouth was stuffed and not a word could come out.

She wanted to struggle to cause a movement, but found that her bones were soft and she could not even move her fingers a bit.

But, this was her only chance!

She rolled over and tried to roll out of the wheelchair, but was held down by the big man by the shoulders.

The big man remained calm: “If there’s nothing else, we’ll leave first.”

The head of security really didn’t see anything wrong and let her go straight away.

Ye Yunla’s heart plunged straight into the abyss of despair ……

“Stand still.”

Just then, a low, cold child’s voice rang out.

Fu Ziyan walked out from behind the security guard.

He had purposely gone to get the security guards to come over, but he didn’t expect that this group of losers would not care about anything, so he could only step in himself.

He walked over coldly and raised his hand to take the hat off Ye Yunla’s head.

The big burly man directly grabbed his hand and said coldly, “Little brat, our family’s young lady has a noble status, not something you can touch.”

Fu Ziyan raised his head and swept a cold eye across.

His eyes were covered with coldness, and he had learnt the essence of Fu Beijiu by nine points.

The one meter eight tall man was so hardened by this look that he let go of his hand.

Fu Ziyan directly took off Ye Yunla’s hat.

A woman with a cloth stuffed in her mouth appeared in front of everyone’s eyes, and it was clear what was going on ……

And the light came in vain, and a child just burst into Ye Yunla’s line of sight.

She opened her eyes extremely wide, looked at the child and murmured out, “Jing’er ……”

Why did Jing’er come here?

But Fu Ziyan didn’t even look at her and said coldly to the security guard, “This is a deliberate kidnapping, you guys take care of it.”

He finished speaking and left, leaving only a back.

Ye Yunla came to her senses with a jolt.

This voice was not Jing’er’s.

But why did this child look so much like Jing’er?

Before she could think more, a dozen security guards were already tangled up with four big brawny men.

Although the men were tall, they had no weapons in their hands, so the security guards easily tied up the four men with their electric batons.

At that moment, Xie Zhirui arrived in a hurry.

“Yara, what’s going on?”

Ye Yunla didn’t have the strength to speak and shook her head feebly.

The head of security hastened to clarify the situation.

“It must be Ye Xueying’s doing!” Xie Zhirui’s face turned blue with anger, “Counting on you again and again, do you really think that all our Xie family members are dead? I’ll take you to the hospital first. This time, I won’t let the Ye family off the hook!”

Xie Zhirui carried Ye Yunla to the car and drove quickly to the hospital.

The good news was that she had only been hit by some fainting-inducing medicine, and would slowly heal after taking some medicine.

Lying in the hospital bed, Ye Yunla’s face kept appearing before her eyes.

If it wasn’t for this child today, she would have been killed.

It was that child who had saved her.