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HC Chapter 76

The pugnacious man in the lead spoke with an evil smile and asked.

“Who are you and what do you want from me?”

Ye Yunla did not move and continued to back away.

The four big men approached step by step, “We heard that Miss Ye is the number one beauty in Hai Cheng, we have come to see how Miss Ye actually sits on the throne of the number one beauty.”

The big man in front raised his hand violently and yanked on Ye Yunla’s wrist.

She was prepared for this and smashed the gla*s water cup with a thud, cutting across the man’s wrist with a sharp piece of gla*s.

“Stinking female cousin, how dare you backstab me!” The brawny man was furious and rushed over to him with quick steps.

Ye Yunla grabbed his arm and gave him a fierce over-the-shoulder slam.

This man was too heavy, estimated to be two hundred pounds, and it took almost all her strength to slam the man to the ground.

“This twat actually knows kung fu!”

The three remaining brawny men looked at each other and laughed coldly, fortunately they had been prepared.

Saying that, the man standing behind took advantage of Ye Yunla’s inattention and snapped a bottle of powder out of his pocket and sprinkled it over to her side.

Ye Yunla only felt a strange fragrance hit her.

Before she could react to what it was, both legs suddenly started to get weak and her head became a little dizzy.

“Heh, stinky b*tch, hot enough, it’s just a pity that you’ve met us brothers.”

The big man who had been thrown to the ground climbed up and sneered as he approached Ye Yunla.

Ye Yunla held on to her breath and kept backing up ……

The big man quickly stepped forward and twisted her chin as he said with an evil smile, “I wanted to give you a painful time, but who told you to be so insensitive, so don’t blame us. A female cousin like you, you should have been f*cked by many men, then be good and cooperate with us, otherwise, I will let you know what it means to be worse than death!”

Ye Yunla’s eyes went cold.

All her strength was stored up in her knees and she gave a hard thrust.

The big man let out a howl of pain.

The four men finally realised that Ye Yunla was not a good fighter at all.

Trying to get this woman to be bullied meekly was simply not possible!

They looked at each other and decided to stop playing these tricks and just take this woman away and finish her off!

Ye Yunla’s reaction was already very slow.

She felt like she would be planted on the ground in the next second.

But no.

Little Jing’er and Little Yinyin were still waiting for her, she couldn’t be ruined like that.

“It was Ye Xueying who sought, sought you out, right ……” Her tongue was in knots as she opened her mouth, and she braced herself for a breath, “How much did she pay you guys, I, I’ll pay ten times!”

“If you were better behaved, perhaps we could still talk, but, you are too ungrateful, today you must die!”

A few big men came over with ruthless faces, their bodies exuding a murderous aura.

Ye Yunla’s heart sank a little.

She originally thought that Ye Xueying wanted to find someone to ruin her, just like five years ago, to find a man to have sex with her.

But unexpectedly, it was to kill her.

Her two arms were grabbed, her mouth was stuffed with cloth and then a cap was put on her.

Immediately afterwards, they got a wheelchair from somewhere and held her down in it.

The drugs took effect and she didn’t have any strength to struggle at all.

She was pushed out of this building as a disabled person, and the security guards would probably just let her go ……

Ye Yunla was really a bit desperate.