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HC Chapter 79

Fu Ziyan’s pair of eyes stared coldly at Ye Xueying.

She felt a cold chill creeping up from her backbone, creepy.

For the first time, she felt that Fu Ziyan was even more terrifying than Fu Beijiu.

She bit her white lips and slowly spoke: “Ziyan, did you misunderstand something …… Ye Yunla and I are close sisters, even if I hate her, there is no way I would kill her, I ……”

“Mother, since I’ve come to ask you, it means that I already know certain facts.” Fu Ziyan walked down the steps and said word by word, “I just want to hear a word of truth, why did mother kill?”

Ye Xue Ying had never felt such fear before.

Even when Fu Beijue had spoken coldly to her, he had never stared at her with such eyes.

Why would a child who was only four years old have such a killing power?

She pushed down the trepidation in her heart and said slowly, “Ziyan, it’s not me …… I never wanted to hurt Ye Yunla, it was your grandfather who couldn’t tolerate her ……”

“Zi Yan, do you know that Ye Yunla forced your grandfather to take out twenty five percent of the shares, from now on, Ye Yunla is the third largest shareholder of the Ye Group and has the right to run the Ye Group. She has returned to China this time to take revenge on the Ye family, and the Ye Group will definitely be played bankrupt when it falls into her hands.”

“Ye’s is your grandfather’s life’s work, how can he tolerate being trampled on, so your grandfather asked me to find someone to do away with Ye Yunla …… Zi Yan, I’m really not as vicious as you think, I also did this to make your grandfather feel relieved …… I’m sorry, I was wrong, Ziyan, can you forgive mum?”

Fu Ziyan narrowed his eyes and looked at her coldly, “You mean that grandfather wanted to kill his own daughter?”

Ye Xue Ying nodded her head forcefully, “In fact, your grandfather didn’t want to either, he was forced to do it by Ye Yunla …… Ziyin, if you can help us get back those shares that were taken away, your grandfather will stop.”

Fu Ziyan’s cold eyebrows lightly restrained.

He took a step and sat down on the sofa, his aura so outward that people did not dare to approach.

After a few seconds had pa*sed, he spoke in a cold voice, “The conflict between Grandpa and Ye Yunla has nothing to do with Mother, as well as vicious crimes like today’s, which I do not want Mother to commit again. If there is a next time, don’t blame me for disowning a murderer as a mother.”

Ye Xueying bit her lip to death.

She had, surprisingly, been threatened by this little b*****d.

She had worked so hard to bring up these two little b*****ds, but in the end, she had raised two white-eyed wolves.

Fu Zi Ling had been giving her looks all day long.

And now, Fu Ziyan has even started threatening her ……

She was their mother, how could these two little b*****ds treat her like this?

Ye Xue Ying’s chest rose and fell violently in anger.

She could no longer hold back her anger and gritted her back teeth and spoke, “Fu Ziyan, I gave birth to you and raised you, how dare you say such treacherous words?”

Fu Ziyan looked at her out of shape and was filled with disappointment.

He really could not understand why such a woman would be his and Fu Ziling’s mother.

He had fantasised about motherly love like many children did, but Ye Xue Ying could not give it to him.

She was always pleasing and flattering to him, there was no love in those eyes.

This woman only wanted the power and status of the Fu family, and he and Fu Ziling were her tools to achieve her goal.

Even if he had realised this long ago, he had no way to expel this woman from his life.

Because, this woman had given birth to him.

Because, his flesh and blood body, was given by this woman.

Because, without this woman, there would be no him.