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HC Chapter 80

“Mother, I don’t want your hands to be stained with sinful blood, that’s why I said these words to you.” Fu Zi Yan pursed his thin lips, “I’m sorry, it’s because I spoke too disproportionately, please don’t take it to heart, mother.”

Ye Xue Ying let out a fierce sigh of relief.

She was afraid that Fu Ziyan would open his mouth and kick her out.

Luckily, the little b*****d didn’t dare.

She eased her emotions and spoke in a light voice, “Don’t worry, I will never lay a deadly hand on Ye Yunla again.”

She had just sent someone to deal with Ye Yunla today, and Fu Ziyan had found out about it, which could only mean that someone in the Fu family was watching her.

These things that affected her image, she absolutely could not order them personally anymore.

Otherwise, Fu Ziyan’s attitude towards her would get worse and worse.

“Why are you here again!”

Fu Zi Ling walked down from the first floor, and once she saw Ye Xue Ying, her entire small face was written with unhappiness.

Ye Xue Ying’s emotions, which had easily calmed down, were once again enraged.

But she knew that she had already lost her temper for the first time and must not lose her temper a second time.

She squeezed out a small smile and said, “Little Ling Ling, I heard from the housekeeper that you have been studying behind closed doors these few days, how is your learning going?”

“What does it have to do with you?” Fu Ziling looked at her with disdain, “Hurry up and disappear from my house, I don’t want to see you again for a second.”

Fu Ziling’s attitude was extraordinarily unrestrained and arrogant as Fu Beiji was not at home.

Butler Qiao lowered his head, not daring to say a word, because he knew that the person the young master hated most was this Miss Ye.

Every time Miss Ye came to the Fu family, the young master would throw a tantrum.

Ye Xue Ying stiffened and said, “Little Ling Ling, I know you don’t like me, I’ll leave now, don’t be angry.”

She stood up, and after a pause added, “Zi Yan, the matter that mother asked you to do, I hope you can help solve it as soon as possible.”

She finished speaking, and only then did she leave the Fu family.

Fu Ziling fell back onto the sofa and spoke discontentedly, “Big brother, what kind of help did that woman ask you for again?”

“She’s our mother, not that woman, so show some respect.” Fu Ziyan said coldly, “Let me ask you, have you met with Ye Yunla recently?”

At the mention of the name Ye Yunla, the coldness on Fu Zi Ling’s face instantly dissipated.

He sat on the sofa, wiggling his two short legs, and his soft, sticky voice rang out, “Auntie Yunla came to our house last night, and made me super delicious noodles, I really like Auntie Yunla, if only she could live in our house ……”

Fu Ziyan’s face changed, “You said she came to our house yesterday?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong?” Fu Zi Ling blinked, “It was dad who brought Auntie Yunara here.”

Fu Zi Yan’s heart sank.

No wonder Grandpa had gone after Ye Yunla.

This woman, she was really pervasive and defenceless.

It was surprising that she had even hitched a ride on Daddy’s line ……

“Big brother, what’s wrong?” Fu Zi Ling came over, “I suddenly thought of something, you said, if we let Daddy and Auntie Yunla get married, then won’t I be able to see Auntie Yunla everyday?”

Fu Zi Yan frowned coldly, “Do you know who Ye Yunla is, and you dare to let her marry into our Fu family?”

“I don’t care who she is, I just like her!”