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HC Chapter 81

Fu Ziling lifted his chin, his dark eyes glowing with arrogance.

He hummed lightly, “If Daddy doesn’t want to marry Auntie Yunara, then wait until I grow up and marry Auntie Yunara into the house, anyway, I just want to be with Auntie Yunara every day.”

Fu Zi Yan’s face was very unpleasant.

He hadn’t wanted to talk to Fu Zi Ling about this crap, but if he didn’t, he was afraid that Fu Zi Ling would fall deeper and deeper into it.

He spoke slowly, “You know that mother always had a sister, right?”

Fu Ziling frowned unhappily, “Why are you talking to me about that woman, what does it have to do with me if she has a sister or not, I don’t know and I don’t care, don’t mention her to me.”

“It really does have something to do with you, the mother has a half-sister, her name is Ye Yunla.” Fu Zi Yan used his phone to find a news item to throw over, “Ye Yun La, who died four years ago, came back to take revenge on the Ye family and on her mother, and you, became the best tool for Ye Yun La to take revenge on her mother.”

Fu Zi Ling finished scanning the news with a glance, his eyes full of disbelief, “Big brother, if my understanding is correct, then Aunt Yunla is our own great aunt?”

Fu Zi Yan: “……”

Usually I haven’t seen this kid call out to his mother, but his aunt is quite good at calling out ……

“No wonder I like Auntie Yunla so much, it turns out she is our great aunt, we are related by blood!” Fu Ziyan jumped up happily, “Then can I call Auntie Yunara a great aunt from now on?”

Fu Ziyan: “……”

Isn’t their mother more closely related to them by blood, how come this kid doesn’t like his mother?

Wait, that’s not the point!

Fu Ziyan spoke in a cold voice, “Ye Yunla is close to you because you are mother’s son and she is using you.”

“That’s not true!” Fu Zi Ling snorted lightly, “Big brother, no matter what you say, it won’t change my fondness for Auntie Yunla, you’d better not waste your breath.”

He jumped down from the sofa and walked upstairs on short legs.

Fu Ziyan coldly tensed his jaw.


Fu’s Group.

It was after five in the afternoon when the sun set to the west, and the clouds rendered an orange evening haze.

Fu Beijue stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, he raised his wrist to glance at the time, and the cold colour in his eyes grew thicker.

He had put off all his afternoon schedule in order to talk about cooperation, but that woman, Ye Yunla, actually dared to let him off the hook.

This was the first time that someone dared to ignore his invitation to cooperate.

This woman, she had a lot of guts.

Very well, he remembered.

“Mr. Fu, Miss Ye is calling.”

The secretary stood at the door and spoke with trepidation.

He hadn’t even entered yet, and he could already feel the forcing cold air in the president’s office.

Fu Beijiu didn’t even turn his head back: “Just say I’m in a meeting.”

The secretary nodded, pulled his legs out and ran.

However, it was as if Duke Fu Bei suddenly thought of something and spoke again, “Stop, which Miss Ye is it?”

Ye Xueying’s surname was Ye, and Ye Yunla’s surname was also Ye, so perhaps, this time it was Ye Yunla?

The secretary carefully replied, “Miss Ye said that something happened this afternoon and she couldn’t come to the company to discuss cooperation with Mr. Fu, I’m not sure which Miss Ye it is.”

Fu Beijiu’s cold and solemn eyebrows instantly stretched out, and then tightened again, “Call over and ask what happened.”

“Yes, Mr. Fu.”

The secretary trotted back to the secretary’s office and dialed the phone back again.