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HC Chapter 83

Ye Jingzhan clenched his fists, and a chagrin that was not in keeping with his age surfaced on his face.

He was the one who was too useless and incapable of protecting mommy ……

If only he could grow up faster ……

He pursed his lips and took one step towards the ward.

But, suddenly, he stopped.

The man walking in front of him, wasn’t it Fu Beijue?

This man, how could he appear in the hospital?

Moreover, it seemed that he was heading to Mummy’s ward.

It couldn’t be that he was here to visit Mummy, could it?

When did Mummy’s relationship with this man become so good?

Fu Beijue took a long stride and walked to the door of Ye Yunla’s ward in a few steps.

He hadn’t thought too much about it when he came, but when he stood at the door of the ward, he suddenly felt a bit baffled.

He had nothing to do with this woman, so what would others think if he came to visit her so abruptly?

Most of all, he had absolutely no idea why he was here.

But, having come, it was not his style to run away halfway.

He was about to knock on the door when he realised that the door to the ward was not closed and through the crack he could just see the woman lying on the hospital bed.

She was half lying on the bed, her face pale, her long, seaweed-like hair spread in a messy manner behind her neck, making her skin look whiter and whiter, like winter snow.

She seemed to be smiling, her lips slightly curved, her smile pervading with recklessness, with a beauty that stole the heart.

It turned out that the number one beauty in Hai Cheng could be so beautiful when she was sick.

It was the first time that Fu Beijue discovered that a person could look so good.

He stretched out his long, jade-like hand and gently pushed open the door of the ward.

Then –

He saw a man in a suit, sitting by the hospital bed, peeling a banana, and after peeling it, he fed it directly to Ye Yunla.

And the woman didn’t avoid it at all, and just took a bite.

Fu Beijue’s cold eyebrows were instantly cold to the extreme.

Ye Yunla had just taken a bite of the banana into her mouth, and before she could swallow it, she felt a chill come over her.

When she raised her eyes, she saw Fu Beijiu standing in front of the ward with a cold air.

The look of a man-eater was like the White Imperator who had risen from hell.

Ye Yunla just choked on her life.

“Cough cough cough!”

She suddenly choked and coughed violently.

Feng Chengyu hurriedly patted her back and even handed her a gla*s of water over, “Little Yara, you said you were in no hurry to eat a banana, slow down ……”

Ye Yunla keenly felt that the temperature in the ward seemed to have cooled down a bit again.

She took a sip of water before swallowing the banana.

She looked up at the person at the door and calmly said, “Mr. Fu, what brings you here?”

Fu Beijiu’s face was as black as a pot.

He had driven half an hour to come and see her, only to see this woman actually flirting with another man.

He should have thought that a woman of her calibre would have no shortage of skirts around her.

What was the difference between his behaviour like this and those men who were chasing after her a*s?

Fu Beijue snorted coldly, “Miss Ye is cool with the appointment, shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”

Ye Yunla sat up straighter and said with some surprise, “Mr. Fu came all the way over here just to ask for an explanation?”