HC Chapter 84

This is the kind of thing that a phone call can make clear in one sentence, this man has nothing better to do than to make a special trip to ……

“By the way.” Fu Beijiu spoke in a cold voice, his face full of unhappiness.

Ye Yunla pursed her lips.

She said how this man could be so free to come to the hospital specifically for this kind of thing.

She said indifferently, “I’m sorry Mr. Fu, I had a little situation this afternoon, so I couldn’t make it to my appointment on time.”

Fu Beijiu’s eyes looked her up and down and found her in good spirits, so she was not in any serious trouble.

While he was looking at Ye Yunla, Feng Chengyu had also been looking at him.

Feng Chengyu had known Ye Yunla for four years, and he knew better than Ye Yunla herself how many men had chased after her.

Once a male appeared around Ye Yunla, there was an 80 percent chance that it was to chase a woman ……

He coldly snorted: “The line of people who want to talk about cooperation with our family’s little LaLa is all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, who are you? How dare you question why our little LaLa broke her appointment, she can break her appointment if she wants to, it’s her right, are you qualified to ask ……”

“You shut up!”

Ye Yunla coldly yelled over.

Feng Chengyu swallowed his unfinished words and said aggressively, “Little Lara, you’re actually being mean to me ……”

He said, and grabbed the hem of Ye Yunla’s shirt and shook it around.

The green veins at the corners of Fu Beijue’s forehead kept jumping as he watched this scene.

He was already annoyed by the sound of “our little LaLa”, but this man was actually pulling on Ye YunLa’s clothes at will!

What was the relationship between these two people?

At this moment.

Outside the door of the ward, Ye Jingzhan walked in.

As soon as he entered, he caught Fu Beijue’s gaze.

Looking from his angle, he could just see the top of the child’s head, which …… seemed to be the one he had bumped into at the Xie family banquet.

The back resembled Fu Ziling, and from the top down, it looked a bit similar to Fu Ziyan.

When he was wondering, Ye Jingzhan had already walked into the ward.

He spoke indifferently, “Dad, the doctor said that we can’t go through the discharge procedures today, so you can stay with Mummy in the hospital tonight.”

Feng Chengyu’s eyes widened.

This brat usually didn’t care about salt and oil, why did he suddenly become enlightened and call out to his dad today?

With a sweep of his gaze, he landed on Fu Beijue and suddenly understood.

He got up and lifted Ye Jingzhan up, “Little Jing’er, you’re really a good son of daddy, but your shout for daddy is not good at all, I still want to hear Little Yinyin call me daddy, her voice must be very sweet and soft ……”

He fished with his hand and scooped the little yin yin sitting on the balcony into his arms as well.

He had one child on each side of his left and right hand, with a dejected smile on his face, as if he was the biggest winner in life.

As for Fu Beijue’s face, it was no longer enough to describe it as black and smelly.

This woman, Ye Yunla, actually had two children, a son and a daughter, who looked like they should be dragon and phoenix babies.

And this man, who was actually the father of two children!

They were a family of four, really happy, and he, driving half an hour to get here, was like a big joke.

Boundless depressed anger came up from Fu Beijiu’s heart.

He used all his strength to suppress that emotion, and he said coldly: “Tomorrow afternoon at three o’clock Fu’s talk about cooperation, if the appointment is broken again, the cooperation is cancelled.”

After he finished, he threw his hands away and left.

As soon as he left, Ye Jingzhan struggled and jumped out of Feng Chengyu’s arms.

“Heartless little brat, flipping out after using you, even more ruthless than your mother!”

Feng Chengyu said unhappily, and before he could continue his condemnation, the Ye Yinyin in his arms also struggled and jumped out, then darted towards the outside.

“Hey, Little Yinyin, where are you going?”