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HC Chapter 86

After she went home and changed her clothes, she drove to Ye’s Group.

It was the first time she had been here since she had returned to China.

Five years ago the Ye building stood here, and now the building had been redone and renovated, with blue gla*s inlaid on the outer walls, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds, looking extraordinarily grand and atmospheric.

Ye Yunla walked in calmly.

As soon as she appeared in the lobby, she attracted the attention of countless people.

The eldest Miss of the Ye family, the number one beauty in Hai Cheng, no matter which title, it was enough to startle every employee of the Ye Group.

“Isn’t this Ye Yunla, why is she here at the company?”

“Didn’t the news say yesterday that she became the third largest shareholder of the Ye Group, there’s a shareholders’ meeting today, of course she had to come.”

“She hasn’t been in the company for four or five years, she probably can’t even figure out what the direction of the company’s operations are now.”

“What do you know, she must have come on this trip to swear sovereignty, as for things like running the company, just leave it to the professionals, she doesn’t need to understand that.”

“I feel like there’s going to be a power struggle in Ye’s group.”

“Same feeling ……”

Amidst the chatter of the crowd, Ye Yunla entered the lift with a calm face.

She went straight up to the highest floor.

The year she turned eighteen, she had come here to sign the agreement to inherit her mother’s estate.

I didn’t expect that less than a day after inheriting the estate, something so tragic had happened, and now that she was here again, there was an illusion that things were different.

“What are you doing here?”

Ye Zhenshan received a call from his secretary and rushed out with a single bound.

In the corridor, father and daughter met in a narrow path, both of them had cold eyes, and the air was filled with smoke.

Ye Yunla curled her lips slightly, revealing a smile, “I am the major shareholder of Ye Group, why can’t I come?”

Ye Zhenshan gritted his teeth and said, “You haven’t studied business management, you don’t understand the ways of doing business at all, there is no point in you attending the shareholders’ meeting, I will send someone to send you back.”

“Didn’t father not study business management either?” Ye Yunla’s thin lips surfaced with a few sneers, “Back when the Ye Group was founded, father knew absolutely nothing about business management, didn’t Ye’s also develop very well? Oh yes, Ye’s development and growth had nothing to do with my father, it was thanks to my mother, my mother has a master’s degree in business management from Beijing University, if it wasn’t for my mother, Ye’s would have been strangled in its cradle right after birth.”

The muscles on Ye Zhenshan’s face twitched, clearly furious to the extreme.

What he loathed most was when someone brought up that woman to her face …… That woman was too good and set him off as a waste.

He admitted that without that woman, the Ye Group would not have developed at all.

But, that woman has been dead for twenty years, and the Ye Group has also developed for twenty years, these twenty years of great achievements have long had nothing to do with that woman, okay?!

The glory and glory of the Ye’s was all his doing!

Ye Yunla’s eyes were filled with contempt, in order to swallow half of her shares, Ye Zhenshan was able to play the role of a loving father for eighteen years.

A whole eighteen years, it was really hard for him.

She laughed lightly, “Maybe I inherited my mother’s business talent, why doesn’t father choose to trust me?”

Ye Zhenshan was really furious.

He suppressed his anger and roared, “If you dare mention that woman again, get out of Ye’s!”