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HC Chapter 85

Ye Jingzhan secretly said a bad word.

His sister was very particular about this man, Fu Beijue, and she was automatically attracted to him every time she saw him.

This time, it was he who had miscalculated.

He quickly went after him and tugged Little Yinyin’s arm.

“Sister, don’t run around, mummy will be worried.” Ye Jingzhan coaxed softly, “Mummy is sick now, if she worries about you again, she won’t get better.”

Little Yinyin finally did not run away anymore.

She walked to the railing of the hospital corridor and looked downstairs until Fu Beijiu’s figure disappeared, then she withdrew her eyes.

Ye Jingzhan lowered his eyelids, his hand clenched into a dead fist.

Fu Beijue, most likely, was their father.

But this man had made two women pregnant at the same time, which was enough to show that he was not a qualified father.

If his sister acknowledged Fu Beijue as her daddy, there was a good chance that she would be hurt again ……

He doesn’t want his mummy to get hurt and he doesn’t want his sister to get hurt either ……

He is a man, he will grow up quickly and he will use his shoulders to carry the family up.

Ye Yunla was much better after the infusion, but her head was still a little foggy and she decided to leave the hospital again tomorrow.

The two children were very well behaved, and Ye Jingzhan slept in another bed in the ward with his sister, making no noise at all.

Feng Chengyu sat by the hospital bed and said in a low voice, “I’ve sent someone to check, that incident today, it was the Ye family who sent someone to do it.”

“I know.” Ye Yunla pursed her lips and said, “Cousin just went to the police station and also met with those suspects, but they refused to confess anything, only saying that they were motivated by sex and that they were not afraid at all even if they were sentenced.”

“Since the Ye family has decided to do this, they are definitely not afraid of being confessed.” Feng Chengyu said coldly, “However, since they have come to be underhanded, then we can also return the favour by doing the same thing to others.”

Saying that, he brought over a stack of documents from behind him.

“This is a list of all the clients of the Ye Group, and the important clients that are being approached, take a look.”

Ye Yunla frowned, “Where did you get these things?”

Feng Chengyu touched his nose, he wouldn’t dare say that it was from that kid Ye Jingzhan.

If little LaLa knew that Jing’er had used hacking techniques to steal other companies’ secrets again, Jing’er’s computer would definitely be confiscated.

He coughed and said, “You don’t even look at what status I am, the young master of the Feng family, how much power I hold in my hands, how could I not even be able to find out about this. You take these client information, how to use these things to counter the Ye family, I believe you should know better than me.”

Ye Yunla took the information over and casually scanned it.

This information was very detailed, even what colours the clients liked and where they liked to go when they were relaxing were all investigated clearly, it could be said that by getting hold of this list, half of the Ye Group’s leverage fell into her hands.

She said sincerely, “Thank you.”

“Why, there’s nothing to say thank you for between us.” Feng Chengyu waved his hand with a big grin, then smiled b*tchily, “But if you really want to thank me, how about …… give me your body in return?”

The slightest hint of emotion that had risen in Ye Yunla’s heart dissipated, and she swept a cold eye over, “I think you have itchy skin.”

Feng Chengyu shrank, “Just kidding, you’re not going to take it seriously, are you?”

Ye Yunla: “……”

If little Yinyin didn’t accept Feng Chengyu, she would have kicked this man out of Haicheng.

The next morning at eight o’clock, Feng Cheng Yu took the two children to the kindergarten, while Ye Yunla did the discharge procedures herself.