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HC Chapter 88

Dad could walk away in one piece, but, not her.

Once the truth was revealed, she and mum would die without a burial place ……

Ye Xueying took a deep breath, “Dad, the shareholders’ meeting is starting, let’s go to the meeting first.”

Most of the shares of the Ye Group were clutched in the hands of the Ye family, thirty-five percent by Ye Zhenshan, twenty-five percent each by Ye Xueying and Ye Yunla, and the rest of the shareholders each held a small portion.

After the shareholding was divided, she was tied with Ye Yunla as the second largest shareholder. In order to give her more weight, Ye Zhenshan transferred one percent of his shareholding to her, thus making Ye Yunla the third largest shareholder, only one percent less than the second.

Ye Zhenshan sat in the main seat, while Ye Xueying and Ye Yunla sat on each side.

The major shareholders present had naturally heard about the change in the Ye family’s shareholding, many of them were old employees who had fought with Ye Zhenyan back in the day and knew the Ye family’s mess very well, and before the meeting started, Ye Xueying had even approached them for a separate chat ……

A dozen shareholders glanced at each other and had a number in mind.

“This is the first lady, right, why don’t you introduce yourself?” The fourth largest shareholder, Yu Dong, took the lead and said, this tone was vaguely barbed.

Ye Yunla raised her eyebrows, her pretty eyes were reckless and open: “Uncle Yu, didn’t we know each other before, do we still need to be introduced?”

Yu Dong smiled, “A woman is 18 years old, Missy has changed, how do we know it’s you without an introduction? Besides, we also want to know what Missy has gone through in these four years, and whether she is qualified to sit here with us in the meeting.”

Next to him, Zhang Dong also spoke up, “Every quarterly board meeting needs to determine the development guidelines for the next quarter, so if Missy doesn’t have the talent for this, it would be better to turn left and go out of the meeting room.”

The rest of the directors, too, looked over with unkind eyes.

Ye Yunla had been prepared for these.

She spoke without any delay, “This is a shareholders’ meeting, as long as you hold shares, you can sit here, even if I am a foolish idiot, you are not qualified to kick me out.”

As soon as she said this, Yu Dong’s face became unpleasant: “Missy, of course you can sit here if you want to, but when we meet later, please don’t interrupt others at will, learning to be silent is also a kind of wisdom.”

Ye Yunla smiled lightly, “Good.”

Seeing that she had finally been honest, the meeting finally began.

Ye Zhenshan spoke first, mainly summarising the sales and development of the quarter.

“Ye’s Group’s sales grew steadily in the first two months of this quarter, but since public opinion began to fester, a small wave of boycotting Ye’s Group’s products was set off on the internet, leading to a backlog of products in the warehouse. The public opinion continued to fester, causing the share price to start falling wildly. The good thing is that the Fu Group has extended an olive branch, and in the next six months, the Ye Group should be able to pull the share price back up ……”

Ye Yunla listened without moving a muscle.

Unexpectedly, her return had also brought about such a big impact on Ye’s Group, and a rough calculation showed that the group had cut at least three hundred million in sales.

The only thing is, Ye’s has hitched a ride on the big boat of Fu’s, the next six months corporate financial reports should all look good.

I just don’t know what kind of projects Fu’s and Ye’s are working on ……

Just thinking about it, Yu Dong spoke up, “Mr. Ye, I’ve seen that project of Fu’s Group, it’s an old city renovation in the western suburbs of Haicheng, the duration of this project is too long, the relocation work in front of it will be at least three years, which means that the construction will start only after three years, to make a profit you have to wait at least four years ……”

Ye Yunla hooked her lips slightly.

It seemed that Fu’s group had just given Ye a blank cheque.

And this blank cheque was supposed to be used to dispel the internet opinion from a week ago.

If you want to make money with this project, you have to wait for another four years, hehe!