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HC Chapter 89

The shareholders sitting in the conference room are all old men and women in the business world, and with a little thought, they understood the intentions of the Fu Group.

The Fu’s and the Ye’s have no friendship, but when the Ye’s were in trouble, they lent a helping hand.

The Fu’s have no friendship with the Ye’s, but they only gave such a visible and untouchable project.

Zhang Dong spoke up: “No matter what, this project will only benefit the Ye Group, and since construction will not start until three years later, we will come back to this case in three years. Now Second Miss, tell us about the major projects that the Ye Group is currently progressing, or let us have a base in our hearts.”

Ye Xueying opened the file and slowly spoke up to report, “There are three major projects for the Ye Group, two of which are nearing completion and one is in progress. In addition, the company is in the process of approaching another new project ……”

“In other words, the large Ye Group now has only one project that makes money?” Yu Dong’s tone was somewhat bad, “Then we must negotiate a few more projects back, otherwise the second half of the year’s financial report will be very ugly.”

“Uncle Yu, the company has tried its best to negotiate.” Ye Xueying said softly.

Yu Dong said coldly and soberly, “Tell me which clients are currently being approached, I’ll see if I know any of them.”

Ye Xue Ying stiffened: “Sorry Uncle Yu, I didn’t prepare the client list, I’ll send it to your email after the meeting.”

She had been distracted by Ye Yunla for a while and hadn’t dealt with work for a long time, which clients the company was currently dealing with and what projects they had, she didn’t know at all ……

The company’s main customers are Mr. Ning, whose family is involved in the ocean-going industry, and there is a part of their product line that we can also produce in Ye’s factory. The other is Mr. Zhuang, the Zhuang family is in heavy machinery and their large apparatus ……”

“Sorry, I must interrupt.” Ye Yunla spoke blandly, “Father, you’ve got it wrong.”

Ye Xueying spoke softly, “Sister, father is talking, how can you interrupt, it’s very rude.”

Ye Zhenshan’s face was cold and his eyes were dripping with anger.

Ye Yunla was stabbing him in the eye just by sitting here, and now she was interrupting him, he hated to have this daughter thrown out.

“I care more about the dignity of my clients than I do about being rude.” Ye Yunla said indifferently, “The Ning family is in heavy machinery, the Zhuang family is in the ocean-going industry, and father got the two clients’ information backwards. Here are all Ye’s group’s people, it’s nothing to say wrong, but in case of a joke in public, the Ning and Zhuang families are afraid that they will never cooperate with Ye’s for the rest of their lives.”

Ye Zhenshan’s face was ironically blue.

Being exposed in public by his own daughter, he was so angry that he could not bear to lift the table.

But what this daughter said was right again, and if he lifted the table, he would be angry and let people make a comment.

He snorted coldly, “You know quite a lot.”

“Sister, how do you know about the Ning and Zhuang families?” The end of Ye Xueying’s eyes swept over a haze, “Neither of these two groups are local to Haicheng, and you’ve only just returned to China, so how do you know so much? Did you …… peeked at the company’s client information?”

Ye Zhenshan’s eyes narrowed, “Customer information is the company’s S-cla*s confidential document, you peeked at it?”

Ye Yunla laughed lightly, “Father, how come you believe whatever Xue’er says, people who don’t know think you’re Xue’er’s puppet.”

She turned her eyes, looked at the shareholders present, and said lightly, “I am the daughter of the Ye family, so I have always been concerned about the movements of the Ye Group, and in these four years, I have never taken the responsibility off my shoulders. Several years ago I noticed that the Ning and Zhuang families had a need for cooperation in this area, but at that time I was not an employee of the Ye Group and could only do what I wanted. Now that I’ve become a member of Ye’s, I naturally have to tell what I know, uncles and uncles, don’t you think so?”