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HC Chapter 96

Fu Beijue nodded: “She does have the strength, you will know when you meet her later.”

This time, it was the three of them who had formed the team for the car’s intelligent system development project, which was considered an internal collaboration between the three companies.

Previously, they had not been able to find a suitable chip designer, and this project had been delayed time and again.

The day before yesterday, Fu Beijue suddenly called them both, the two were surprised, because this project is the first of its kind in China, without some ability and talent, can not bear such a great pressure, two people are very curious about who can make Fu Beijue praise a person with strength is actually ……

The time pa*sed slowly in the small talk.

Soon, the three of them waited for almost half an hour.

Even Wang Changqing, who had a slightly better temper, was a little impatient, and he frowned, “This genius is too unpunctual.”

Fu Beijiu’s cold eyebrows gaped slightly.

Could it be that the woman hadn’t been discharged yet?

He called his secretary in, “Call Miss Ye.”

The secretary nodded and hurriedly went to do so.

As soon as he said this, the other two people in the office froze.

In their social circle, there were two Miss Ye’s.

Shouldn’t they be calling that genius designer at this time, what was the point of contacting someone from the Ye family?

“Beijue, what are you asking your secretary to call Miss Ye for?” Wang Changqing opened his mouth and asked, “Is it the First Miss or the Second Miss of the Ye family?”

Fu Beijue said in a light voice, “Ye Yunla, the A-F project partner.”

“What? Ye Yunla is the genius chip designer you’re talking about?!” Sun Yan said incredulously, “Don’t tease me, I don’t see how she looks like a genius at all!”

In the chip design business, shouldn’t they be middle-aged, balding men in their 30s and 40s, how could it be Ye Yunla?

Pretty women are not very smart.

This is the experience he has summed up after so many years of gallivanting in the love world ……

Fu Beijue faintly raised his eyebrows: “After you see her, you’ll naturally know why I’m looking for her to work with.”

“Hehe, when we just came, we saw that Miss Ye had just left, did you already talk?” Wang Changqing scratched the back of his head, “So it was me and Sun Yan who were late?”

“You said she had already come?”

Fu Beijiu’s brow creased slightly.

“I just ran into her downstairs and didn’t even say a word before she dropped me on the floor.” Sun Yan sneered, “If I become partners with her, then I’ll be finished in the future.”

Wang Changqing looked at him with contempt, “You’re not still afraid of a woman, are you?”

The two men choked each other up.

However, Fu Beijue directly clicked on the company’s monitoring system and entered.

He advanced the time to half an hour earlier and then saw Ye Yunla walking into Fu’s building ……

He called his secretary in, “Go to the front desk and ask why Ye Yunla has left.”

The secretary hurriedly went to do it.

The lady at the reception desk was gossiping with her colleague, “A particularly beautiful woman just came in, I thought it was a young lady from which family, but as soon as she asked, she wanted to go to the president’s office, another one who wanted to get close to the big money by virtue of her beauty ……”

As he was talking, the secretary came in a hurry.

He is a small secretary in the president’s office, but because he works for Fu Beijiu, people in the company do not dare to offend easily.

The receptionist lady hurriedly greeted him, “Secretary Zheng, what’s going on here?”

“Miss Ye came to Fu’s half an hour ago, why did she suddenly leave again?”

The receptionist’s heart thumped, but she still maintained her smile: “Which Miss Ye?”

“The one who is very pretty, as long as you have seen her, you will never forget her, Mr. Fu and Miss Ye had an appointment to talk about cooperation, but now you haven’t seen Miss Ye come over, what’s wrong?”

“She, she really has an appointment with the president?” The receptionist lady’s face turned white, “I, I let her go ……”