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HC Chapter 97

Secretary Zheng’s eyes narrowed: “Do you know how long Mr. Fu, Mr. Sun, and Mr. Zhou have been waiting for Miss Ye?”

The receptionist blushed: “Secretary Zheng, she said she didn’t have an appointment, I followed the company rules and procedures, I should be right …… She, she didn’t say what her status was either, how would I know that she was the president’s client ……”

“Alright, you’d better think about how to explain to Mr. Fu.”

Secretary Zheng swept her a cold glance and turned around to go back to the president’s office again.

And the front desk lady’s legs went weak and she almost fell to the ground.

Ye Yunla drove to her own studio.

This studio was the one Xie Zhirui had found for her, and the location was very good.

An office of over a hundred square metres, it looked small and delicate, and was warm and welcoming in every way.

Before she could start working, her phone vibrated and the caller ID was Secretary Zheng.

She blandly put the call through: “Secretary Zheng, what can I do for you?”

“Miss Ye, Mr. Fu is waiting for you to come over to talk about cooperation, what time can you arrive at Fu’s around?”

Ye Yunla curled her lips, “It’s your Mr. Fu who wants to talk to me about cooperation, then ask him to come to my office, I’ll send the address to your phone.”

After she finished, she hung up the phone and sent the address of her office over.

Looking at the message on his phone, Secretary Zheng’s scalp simply tingled.

He knew Mr. Fu’s temperament, he would not wait for people easily, this time he waited for an unprecedented half an hour, and after tossing and turning, it turned out that the other party said he was not coming.

He didn’t know how to explain to Mr. Fu at all.

However, he could only say it with a stiff upper lip.

Secretary Zheng walked into the office with a look as if he had lost his mother.

Before he could say anything, Sun Yan said, “Secretary Zheng, don’t say anything yet, let me guess how that woman Ye Yunla replied.”

Secretary Zheng smiled bitterly.

“She must have said that she must fire that receptionist or she won’t step foot in Fu’s, right?” Sun Yan said with great confidence, that vindictive woman would definitely make such a demand.

As a result, Secretary Zheng shook her head, “No.”

Sun Yan stroked his chin: “Heh, then she must have said that she would only be willing to come over to talk about cooperation if Fu personally sent someone over to pick her up, right?”

Secretary Zheng continued to shake his head.

Sun Yan wanted to continue guessing, but Wang Changqing covered his mouth, “All right, can’t you let Secretary Zheng say it directly?”

Fu Beijiu swept his eyes away.

Secretary Zheng spoke with trepidation: “Miss Ye said that if Fu wanted to talk to her about cooperation, then …… just ask Mr. Fu to go over and talk to her personally, this is the address of Miss Ye’s office.”

“Crap! This woman is really strong!” Sun Yan cursed, “How many people want a chance to work with Fu’s but can’t even beg for it, and yet this woman makes such an unbelievable request! Beige, we’re men, we can’t compromise!”

However, Fu Beijue got up straight away and said indifferently, “Prepare the car and go for a trip.”

Sun Yan: “……”

Was this still the high and mighty President Fu that he knew?

To actually condescend for a woman like Ye Yunla!

Wang Changqing, however, bumped his shoulder and lowered his voice, “I told you, Beijue has a thing for that woman.”

Sun Yan stroked his chin, “I can see that, but he’s obviously not as good at chasing women as I am, do you believe that in just three days, I can chase Miss Ye down?”

“……” Wang Changqing took a deep breath, “If you’re not afraid of death, feel free to provoke Miss Ye.”