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HC Chapter 98

When the time came, it would be the two of them together, Miss Ye and Lord Bei, in a mixed-gender doubles match.

He would definitely not step in to help.

Sun Yan seemed to have thought of something and shrank his neck, “I have many women, one less is nothing. Beijue has experienced that once in his life, he really needs the nourishment of a woman, I’ll withdraw, that’s always fine, right?”

When Duke Fu heard his name, he turned around and said in a cold voice: “What are you talking about?”


Wang Changqing covered Sun Yan’s mouth and followed Fu Beijue to the car.

Ye Yunla was busy in the office, all the odd chores, and when she was done, she went online to post the job posting.

She hadn’t even sent out the information when there was a knock on the door of her office.

She thought it was the property owner who had come to check in, but as soon as she opened the door, she was met with three pairs of eyes.

She curled her lips and smiled, “I didn’t expect Mr. Fu to really condescend to come here, come in for a cup of coffee first.”

She sidled up and welcomed the three people in.

To be honest, she really didn’t expect Fu Beijiu to come over.

After all, Fu’s was the number one conglomerate in Haicheng, and as the one at the helm, Fu Beijiu was so busy that he might not even have time to sleep every day.

She asked him to come over as a test.

As a result, he came.

It was enough to prove that he did value her as a partner.

Then, it was good to talk next.

Ye Yunla served coffee to the three of them.

Sun Yan smelled it and was very disgusted: “This is instant coffee, right, Miss Ye, can’t you get some good coffee?”

Ye Yunla had no choice but to show her hands, “The studio is still in the process of preparation, so I don’t have the funds to buy a coffee machine for now, so please forgive me, Mr. Sun.”

“Are you that poor?” Sun Yan hummed lightly, “I’ll have someone send a coffee machine over later, consider it a donation from me.”

“Then thank you, Second Young Master Sun.”

Ye Yunla didn’t feel slighted in the slightest and accepted it with a smile.

Looking at the two of them talking back and forth, the two seemed to be on good terms, and Fu Beijue’s face darkened a little.

He said coldly: “You just got beaten up, and now you’re rushing to deliver a coffee machine, are you thick-skinned and in need of a beating?”

Sun Yan did not care to speak: “When a woman slaps you, you have to put your left face over and let her slap you again, so that the woman will not be angry. Forget it, what am I telling you, you are a thousand year old bachelor, how would you understand this.”

A despised Fu Beijiu: “……”

He snorted coldly, “Don’t talk about anything else, talk about work.”

Ye Yunla brought the documents over and handed a copy to each of them, “Two years ago I followed my mentor to do a project on intelligent cars, and at that time the research results were approved by Haver, only the investment was too large and the research was not implemented on the ground. The research done two years ago was actually very successful, but in the past two years technology has developed rapidly, and with the current perspective, the initial research is already outdated, I have redrafted a design report based on my experience, you guys take a look at it first.”

Fu Beijiu turned the document over.

It was only three or four pages, but the ideas and blueprints for the chip design in it were very complete.

He remembered that he had only proposed working with her three days ago, and in just over two days, she had surprisingly already envisioned everything.

“The smart cars of previous years have mainly put a lot of effort into tackling driverlessness, but this concept of mine aims to enhance the experience of human-vehicle interaction ……” Ye Yunla said methodically, “To achieve a perfect experience, the most critical issue is the sensors. The best sensors in the world are currently used quite well in a smart home environment, but in a dynamic car, they show a major drawback ……”

Ye Yunla spoke eloquently for half an hour, with occasional questions from Sun Yan, all of which she gave perfect solutions to.

Fu Beijue looked at her with a trifle more appreciation.