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His Destined Path Chapter 2981

If there had been Qin Frost and the others here, they would have been instantly hostile to the Evil Taotie because of this scene, but unfortunately, although the piercing beast came out successfully with the Book of Heaven, it did not bring out a group of people.

There was no one else in this room but the two men and the beast.

When the mountain beetle fell, a light began to flicker out of the darkness in front of him, and he subconsciously looked into the light and saw a huge city, in which ten thousand people in black were gathered around a large house, with a man standing proudly on top of the roof.

Afterwards, the two sides clashed and a battle broke out, before the city burst into flames and the man was sucked into the molten lava ……

Scene after scene continued to pa*s through the eyes of the mountain beetle, for all the things that have happened in the city of darkness, as clear as can be seen at this time ……


All the images suddenly condensed to form a huge beam of light, which then zapped into his eyes, and he only felt a blinding light suddenly hit him.

He subconsciously closed his eyes, then subconsciously opened them again, and what appeared again was the evil Taotie crouching there already lying on the stone slab, Han Qianqian.

“It was you who saved it?” While getting up, the piercing beetle looked at the Evil Taotie.

It was Evil Taotie who, at the critical moment, chose the latter over food and Han Qianqian, and flew all the way over to this side under Han Qianqian’s gaze to reach the spot Han Qianqian and the Mountain Piercer had agreed upon.

The Evil Taotie nodded faintly.

Although it was unable to speak, it told the story in a different way.

“So, in order to kill that what’s-his-name King of Youming, Han Qianqian still forcibly pushed the energy when he was sealed, so much so that the seal took effect and turned into this appearance.”

“This kid is really driven, I guess the King of Youming probably didn’t expect to his death that Han Qianqian would not make a deal with him and instead directly take his life.”

“If it were me, I probably wouldn’t have thought of it either.”

Speaking of this, the piercing armor helplessly let out a bitter laugh, after all, in terms of that environment, a deal was naturally the only option and the best choice, the only difference was who could get more leverage and try to gain more of an upper hand in this deal.

Who would have thought that Han Qianqian would be so reckless?

However, if one considers the issue at a deeper level, the piercing beetle must again admire Han Qianqian’s superior wisdom along with his superior courage.

Obviously, from Han Qianqian’s point of view, there was in fact always a huge hidden danger, no matter how the deal was made.

Even if one had the complete upper hand in the deal, the price was that the King of the Phantom was still alive.

Once it was alive, in its territory, who could guarantee that it would not have any mischief? At that time, Han Qianqian and the others were in the light and it was in the dark, wasn’t such a hidden danger huge enough?

So, Han Qianqian’s choice could not have been more correct from this point of view.

He cleared the biggest hidden danger and got the biggest bargaining chip in the whole deal, but the only result was that the sacrifice of himself was too big.

“At this point, do you actually feel that it’s not quite like Han Qianqian’s style of doing things?” The mountain beetle looked at the Evil Taotie and said strangely.

It was undeniable that this fellow Han Qianqian did like to take dangerous moves sometimes, but this kind of dangerous move was more about this fellow’s hidden strength as well as his extremely high intelligence, rather than being done with deliberate risk.

In other words, it was a surprise in strategy, and not above other actions.

In his actions, Han Qianqian was a rather stable and sophisticated person, and one could even say that in the heart of the pierced mountain beetle, although he had once worried for Han Qianqian on many matters.

But more often than not, his peace of mind was greater than his worry, because he knew very well that Han Qianqian never seemed to fight battles that he was not sure of.

But this time, why would Han Qianqian be so reckless?

This was not in line with his usual style.

Moreover, after a recent period of contact and chatting, Piercing Mountain Armour knew how deep Su Yingxia’s position was in Han Qianqian, and he could even refuse three major beauties one after another for her.

The fact is that he could even turn down three major beauties for her. Would Han Qianqian ignore such an important woman and leave her in such a dangerous place as the Devil’s Land?

At least in terms of trade, although it is difficult to defend against dark arrows, at least there is still something to defend against, this directly gave up his life, even the qualification of defense, this is not right ah.

“Could it be that Han Qianqian still has an upper hand?” The mountain piercing armor said, but his eyebrows inadvertently looked towards the hand that Han Qianqian was clenching into a fist at this moment.

In that hand, an object was glowing with a golden light.

“Could it be, is it?”