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His Destined Path Chapter 2982

Is that the golden seed?


Han Qianqian wouldn’t fight a battle he wasn’t sure of, so why did he do it?


Why did he do it and why did he keep that golden seed in his hand?


Could it be that the certainty of everything was in what was held in his hand?


The Golden Seed was the inner elixir of the King of Youming, and the Seal of the Earth came from the King of Youming, and it seemed to make logical sense to break him with his power.


Thinking of this, the piercing mountain beetle rose with a jerk, then, with a few steps, he walked to Han Qianqian’s body and gently broke his clenched hand.


The golden stone suddenly appeared in front of the Mountain Piercing Armor.


As a piece of energy slowly struck in from the piercing mountain beetle, all of a sudden, the golden stone’s light fiercely blossomed into a gorgeous glow, and the piercing mountain beetle’s eyes were filled with delight, and its mouth was slightly wide open.


This aura ……


As one of the pearls of the earth spirit, for the other four beads although not really understand, but they have the same root and origin, the perception of each other is fully possessed.


And this golden bead in front of me, piercing the mountain beetle from the breath, it seems ……


“Perhaps, it really is Han three thousand grasp.”


“Can you help me?” The piercing mountain beetle looked to the evil Taotie on the side.


“Well!” It tilted its head and whistled softly, seemingly willing.


“Good, together.” As soon as the Piercing Armor’s words fell, the energy in his hand was instantly pushed to its maximum, and the golden seed also glowed even brighter in a fierce manner.


The Evil Taotie let out a low roar, and in the next second, a wave of Chaos Qi between his open mouth also fiercely followed suit.


As the two forces united, the light of the golden seed reached its peak, illuminating the entire cave with an incomparable light.


As the light reached its peak, the golden seed in the centre of the cave gradually began to beat like a heart again, and its frequency became faster and faster.


“Brother, step up.” With a shout, the piercing beetle once again increased its energy, and the evil taotie behind it spurted even more furiously.


“Bang, bang, bang!”


The heart beat faster and faster, more and more open, while the cold sweat on the piercing mountain armour’s body also flowed more and more, even the evil taotie at this time, could not help but feel tired.




Suddenly, the whole heart stopped beating, as if it had stood still.


But just a moment later, with a crisp ringing sound, a crack began to appear above the heart, followed by a crack that grew larger and larger, until a green bean the size of a sesame bean appeared in the very centre of the heart.


“What is this?” The piercing beetle frowned.




Just as the Piercing Mountain Beetle was fuming, behind him, the Evil Taotie’s voice sounded at the right time, and it was obvious that the Evil Taotie was reminding the Piercing Mountain Beetle not to get distracted.


“Got it.” Piercing Mountain Armour nodded fiercely, followed by using his own energy to drive Evil Taotie’s Chaos Power and continued to push the Golden Seed.


As the two beasts combined their efforts again, the green bean also emitted a faint green light and was slowly sent to Han Qianqian’s body under the wrapping of the Piercing Mountain Armour’s energy.


When the green light reached Han Qianqian’s body, it was obvious to the Mountain Piercing Armour that Han Qianqian’s limbs were beginning to gradually soften at this point, and that earth-black face was gradually returning to white and moist with colour.


“It’s working!”


The pangolin shouted in delight, as if telling Han Qianqian, and also as if telling the Evil Taotie.


As the morning sunlight poured in through the window, a drop of rocky water from the roof of the cave slowly dripped down and hit Han Qianqian’s face.


Han Qianqian’s face muscles twitched slightly, and the next second, Han Qianqian opened his mouth slightly, and then, moved his feet again, and everything was still as normal.


However, just as he tried to move his hand a little, his entire body suddenly snapped open his eyes and sat up on his butt.


“Looking for this again?” The piercer laughed softly.


As he looked around, he was walking in from outside the cave at this moment, while holding an object in his hand and rushing towards Han Qianqian.


But when Han Qianqian saw the object in his hand, he couldn’t help but frown ……