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His Destined Path Chapter 2987

I don’t know if it was because the demons had lived there for too long, or perhaps Han Qianqian’s looks really hit her perfectly, but she looked at Han Qianqian for a moment and was actually a little dumbfounded.


“Girl!” Han Qianqian couldn’t help but remind her in a soft voice.


It was only then that she woke up, realising that she was feeling a bit guilty about her indiscretion, but just as she was about to say sorry, she suddenly realised that her body was still leaning tightly against Han Qianqian’s. She couldn’t help but blush, and she became a bit more flustered.


Han Qianqian smiled faintly and took the initiative to give up a body shape, keeping a little distance from her.


Only then was the big beauty suddenly surprised to remember that she was still in danger, and glanced at Han Qianqian, wanting to tell Han Qianqian to hurry up and leave, but also hoping that Han Qianqian could help her.


“Ahem!” Sensing her gaze, Han Qianqian let out a soft cough and looked across at the Black and White Twin Furies.


“Brat, where the hell did you come from?” The man in black instantly shouted coldly.


Han Qianqian was honest enough to look back at the hillside behind him and replied, “Oh, I saw you guys fighting just now, so I watched a bit more and felt a bit underwhelmed, so I slowly walked over from there.”


Hearing this, the man in black was simply so angry that he exploded in place; on the surface it looked like Han Qianqian was answering his question, but what he answered was always extremely irritating.


It was the man in white who hurriedly reached out to block the man in black and said in a low voice, “The other party is from an unknown source, don’t make a rash move to avoid being fooled and losing out.”


Then, the man in white looked at Han Qianqian and said in a cold voice, “Kid, in the land of the demons, mind your own business, or you will easily get into trouble, if you are smart, go back where you came from.”


“That’s right, you’d better stay out of it, or don’t blame us two brothers for being rude to you.” The man in black also shouted angrily.


Han Qianqian smiled, “I don’t intend to interfere.”


Hearing this, the big beauty looked at Han Qianqian with some shock, she really did not expect that a man with such good looks would be such a heartless wimp.


However, the Black and White Furies did laugh out loud, at least this kid knew what he was doing. Immediately afterwards, the man in black gave a look, signalling that Han Qianqian could get lost.


Han Qianqian nodded his head, turned around and walked towards the side.


She really wanted to scold Han Qianqian, but at that moment, when the Black and White Furies saw Han Qianqian leaving, they were already approaching her with an evil smile, so she had no time or effort to scold him anymore.


A turn, the big beauty just wanted to escape, but the man in black was already in front of her, looking back, the man in white was also getting closer and closer, for a while the big beauty could only stay in place and be anxious and angry.


“Little beauty, I’ll see where else you’re going to run.” The man in black smiled wickedly and pounced directly at the big beauty on the spot.


The big beauty hurriedly moved her hand to try to block it, but only when her hand reached mid-air, a pair of big hands had already gripped her hand, and when she looked back, the man in white had appeared next to her at some point and was now holding her hand, looking at her with a cheap smile on his face.


She was furious and tried to hit him with her other hand, but almost as soon as she lifted her hand, another pair of large hands were already stuck in her hand.


Looking back, the man in black who was holding her other hand had the same cheap smile on his face.


“Hey, hey, little beauty, you want to beat us up, huh? But beating is kissing and scolding is loving.” The man in black laughed shamelessly.


“Come on, I’ll let you love one.” With a lewd look on his face, the white-clothed man gently brought her jade hand towards his mouth.


The big beauty desperately tried to struggle, being grabbed by the two men by her jade hand already made her extremely annoyed that they had to put her hand towards their mouths, she felt disgusted even thinking about it.


“The more you struggle, the more excited we get.” The man in black laughed, and a stinking mouth similarly moved up to the big beauty’s jade neck.


Faced with attacks from the left and right, the big beauty had already lost her guard, but at that moment, an untimely voice rang out.


The three of them stopped moving almost simultaneously and looked for the sound.


The sound was the sound made by him fanning the dirt on the stone with his shoes ……


“The mountain road is full of gravel, my shoes got into the stone, I’ll shake it off, you guys don’t care about me, continue ……” said Han Qianqian with a carefree smile ……