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His Destined Path Chapter 2986

At this moment, we see three figures intertwined in a pile of boulders on the mountainside.

One of them, a white silhouette floats like an immortal, her body is full of light, her eyes are like water, her features are delicate, one can feel that she is like an immortal in the sky, one can feel that her soul is turned upside down.

Opposite her stood two Black and White Furies, wrapped in long clothes, their faces invisible, only the cold light and the slightest hint of desire in each of their eyes.

Han Qianqian frowned slightly and stopped to pause.

“There are such beauties in the land of the demons, even if they were placed in the Central Plains, they would not be seen in vain.” Han Qianqian said leisurely.

This great beauty was so out of place compared to the barrenness of the Devil’s Land that it gave a strong visual contradiction, but it attracted more of Han Qianqian’s attention.

“Two options, one, stay with our buddy for a good time and then give us some of your family’s stuff, and this, let’s call it a day.”

“Two, the brothers strong you and then take you back to rob things.”

After the man in white finished speaking, he and the man in black next to him looked at each other, and both could not help but sneer in unison.

“Dream on!” The large beauty in white shouted coldly.

“Oh, the Phoenix’s daughter is really different, not only is she beautiful, even her cursing voice is so beautiful, and I wonder if she will scream better when she plays later!” As the words fell, the man in white fiercely turned into a shadow of light and attacked directly towards the big beauty.

The big beauty didn’t say anything, her beautiful eyes were sure, and her jade hand attacked the white-clothed man with a palm, which was obviously extraordinary.

However, almost at that moment, the man in black suddenly disappeared from his spot, waiting for the palm of the big beauty to meet the man in white, he suddenly flashed out from behind and slapped him directly with a black palm.

Even though the big beauty’s palm missed the man in white, she panicked and realised that she had been attacked, so she hurriedly tried to dodge sideways, but it was obviously too late.

With a muffled grunt, the man in black slapped her directly on the shoulder, even though it was a little crooked, and the beauty retreated several steps, blood flowing down the corner of her mouth.

The black and white laughed at each other as the man in white stepped forward, looked at the beauty and said, “Well? Big Beauty, still dreaming?”

Seeing the two men’s teasing eyes, the big beauty’s eyes were filled with anger and she wanted to raise her breath to fight again, but the wound on her shoulder caused the slightest scowl to appear directly on her pretty face and she couldn’t help but take a cautious step back, trying to keep her distance from them to prevent what had just happened from happening again.

“And you want to make a move? We’ve been fighting for nearly half an hour too, have you ever hurt our brothers in the slightest, big beauty?” The man in black laughed coldly and disdainfully.

The big beauty’s face was even more ugly at his words, but it was an irrefutable fact.

Seeing that the big beauty did not say anything, the man in white’s eyes were even more smug, in the eyes of the two brothers, the big beauty in front of them was just a lamb to be slaughtered: “Don’t waste your strength, with this strength, you might as well enjoy yourself more when you accompany our brothers to have a good time later on.”

“It is said that Phoenix women have a unique taste and can make you want to die, today we are lucky to have met one in our lifetime.”

“No, we can still taste it, hahahahaha.”

The two men laughed wildly, and in the next second, they looked at the big beauty almost simultaneously, the naked fruit of their eyes no longer needed to be said.

“You guys!” The big beauty’s hand subconsciously gripped her collar tightly, and for a moment she was anxious and angry.

But, unable to fight, unable to retreat, she could only watch as the two rascals got closer and closer to her.

Subconsciously, she kept backing up, but with the sudden bump into something behind her, she could no longer retreat. However, she suddenly frowned because this thing she had bumped into ……

It didn’t seem to be a mountain, let alone a rock, but rather hard with a slight softness, like a human body ……

I raised my eyes to look, at this time that the black and white duo also put away their previous banter, their eyes looked warily behind themselves, she subconsciously looked back, a handsome face was reflected in her eyes.

It was …… Han Qianqian.