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His Destined Path Chapter 2989

“I hurt my left foot some time ago, and I always bend over to the left when I walk.

The left side?

The big beauty willow brows lightly frowned, at this moment, the black and white twin fury was coming from his left and right side, he said that his left leg hurt and he had to bend over, could it be ……

I don’t know why, although the big beautiful woman’s heart doubts, but the whole person still subconsciously slightly towards the left a bend.

And strange enough, almost at the moment she bent over, a white shadow on the right just happened to pa*s by.

Seeing the black shadow coming from her left, she was at a loss as to what to do when Han Qianqian’s voice came over again, “In order to restore this waist to its original position, you can only turn over and lower your waist.”

Turn over and lower your waist?

The big beauty flipped over and lowered her waist on the spot, perfectly presenting her mysterious body posture.

The black shadow also dodged perfectly.

This was the first time since she had met these two Furies that she had perfectly dodged their attacks in the midst of a two-man attack.

The two Black and White Furies also regained their stance and looked strangely at each other and at the overjoyed beauty.

They had actually missed?

Unbelievably, the two men still could not just give up, and at that moment, they changed their forms again and attacked towards Big Beauty again.

The great beauty’s joy was still short-lived, but at least now she was not as flustered as before, just quietly biting her lips and preparing herself very seriously.

Not seriously, however, watching how the two figures attacked, but listening intently to what Han Qianqian was about to say.

“Bending over is not a long term solution, because the left leg can’t make any effort, so you have to use your right leg all the time, but after walking a lot, and this mountain road is very rugged, the foot that uses a lot of force is always often numb, so you have to lift your leg forty degrees and fling it forward with force to clear the meridians and activate the channels!”

“Lift your right leg forty degrees and fling it forward!”

With the silent thought in her mind, the big beauty lifted her long leg, but hesitated a little, because re-folding back, this black shadow on her right was still far away from her, would it be a little too early to kick?

However, without thinking too much, she still closed her eyes and kicked fiercely.


With a muffled sound, the big beauty felt a hard kick on her foot, and in her haste to open her eyes, she only saw that the man in black on her right was already heavily kicked several meters away by herself.

“But while my right foot fell, my left foot started to hurt, it couldn’t take the force so it was annoying, I really wanted to smash my own left kneecap with one punch, it was so wasted.”

A fist smashing into one’s left knee?

Although puzzled, but with the experience of Fang’s success, the big beauty didn’t think much about it and slammed her right hand.

Only, the fist had only gone halfway there when a white shadow suddenly leapt out, and impartially, the punch hit this guy right in the back.

With a muffled grunt, his body slammed into the ground and he spat out a mouthful of old blood on the spot.

The big beauty took a few surprised steps back to maintain a safe distance before looking at her fist in disbelief.

She …… had actually not only dodged the impossible attack, but even now, she had even turned the tables on the two guys and directly injured them.

This was simply incredible.

However, she knew deep down that what had caused this situation was not because she had suddenly become powerful, but that man’s guidance.

Thinking of this, she looked up, only to see that although Han Qianqian had gone far away, he had not left completely, but had sat down on top of a rock further away, and was now looking down at his feet and shaking his head helplessly with a sigh.

The Black and White Furies got up from the ground with difficulty, and the two of them regrouped, but at the moment they did not intend to attack the big beauty again, but instead set their eyes on Han Qianqian, who was also far away.

Even a fool could see at this moment that it was clearly that guy who was pointing out the beauty behind her back!

“Brat, you really can’t f*cking listen to me? Going to mind your own business, aren’t you?”

“Brother, kill this b*****d first, so he doesn’t have to chatter like a fly.” The man in black also said angrily right after him.

When he heard this, Han Qianqian frowned, raised his head and instead of getting his feet, he looked at the two men very innocently, “You two aren’t very nice, why do you want to kill me?”