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His Destined Path Chapter 2990

“You’re still pretending to be f*cking innocent, f*ck me.” Seeing Han Qianqian like that, the man in black was obviously furious and shouted angrily on the spot.

Seeing that the man in black was about to come over, Han Qianqian got up and waved his hand, smiling bitterly, “You two, if you’re out here, you have to be moral.”

“You can’t kill me.”

“You told me to go away, I went away, you told me not to interfere, from the beginning to the end I did not even put my hand, not to mention my foot, I am obedient, and you still want to kill me, too no martial virtue, right?”

At these words, the two men were so angry that they looked at each other dumbly in place, and for a moment they were unable to refute.

Reasonably speaking, he did roll and did obey and did not interfere.

But the truth is, if you want to say that he didn’t interfere, then it seems to be a very bad idea!

The big beauty forced herself to laugh, she had never seen such a man before, she couldn’t help but be extremely interested and curious about this man, she looked at Han Qianqian while opening her mouth, “He has a point, no one else has interfered, you two wouldn’t go back on your word, would you?”

“It’s about the three of us, isn’t it?”

Hearing the big beauty speak, the two Black and White Furies became even more embarra*sed for a moment.

The man in black retorted on the spot, “Who’s broken his word? sh*t, I don’t even care to kill him, I’m just annoyed that he keeps nagging me endlessly and interfering with my normal play.”

“Brother, are you right?”

The man in white was stunned, but at this point he had nothing to say, so he nodded his head: “Yes, it was just an occasional mistake, you really think you’re going to win, pretty girl?”

“You’re still a dish in our hands.”

The big beauty glanced at Han Qianqian, who was still there, and couldn’t help but smile, but at this time her heart was no longer filled with the fear she had felt earlier, but more of a sense of calm.

She herself had never dreamed that one day she would gain a great sense of security because of a strange man she didn’t know.

When the Black and White Furies saw her looking at Han Qianqian, they could not help but feel a momentary surge of anger. With one look affirming each other, the two of them, in the next second, no longer took the kind of left and right pincer attack that they had done earlier, but attacked the big beauty in a mutually shifting and interpenetrating manner.

The big beauty was so dazzled by the two men’s actions that she couldn’t tell who was here and who was there, let alone the reality of the various shadows they were pulling in their constant shifting.

She could not help but look at Han Qianqian while backing up to stall for time.

But what made her anxious was that Han Qianqian was not speaking at this moment.

D*mn it, he wasn’t told off twice by someone and now he didn’t dare, was he?

Thinking of this, the big beauty was a little desperate, but just then, she suddenly saw that at this moment, Han Qianqian slowly stood up, and immediately afterwards, he began to stretch out a long lazy back on the stone.

Then, he slowly moved his arms and legs, so slowly that if the big beauty were an earthling, she would have been shocked to find out, and then yelled at Han Qianqian in a fury ……

The reason is that at this moment, Han Qianqian is just like those old men in the park at six o’clock in the morning, slowly doing Tai Chi.

The actual fact is that you can find out that the soft, slow movements of Han Qianqian are clearly some kind of warm-up moves, despite the fact that he doesn’t know Tai Chi exercises.

D*mn, this guy is still …… at this point in time!

The two of them were in a frenzied and fierce attack, and she had no choice but to retreat again and again, but she could not retreat any further.

“Let’s just die.”

Putting her eyes closed and her heart crossed, she couldn’t beat this black and white double fury anyway, so she simply put her eyes closed, her brain recalling Han Qianqian’s movements just now, stretching her head stiffly with her ostentatious body posture, she also learned to fight].

But ……

It was only a few strokes before the big beauty’s eyes opened in utter horror.

Because at this time, she found that she was not imagined that she was directly knocked away by the Black and White Twin Furies, nor was she even trapped as a result, and she could even clearly feel the collision with them against each other between her hands.

God is strange, at this time she actually has a pattern, is easily dealing with the black and white twin incomparable crazy attack ……