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His Destined Path Chapter 2998

Then, just as the big beauty closed her eyes in fear, she did not feel the onslaught of Han Qianqian’s sword intent. Strangely, she opened half her eyes to look, but was stunned to find that the sword was coming over, but it was not the blade or the tip of the sword that was facing her, but the hilt.

She opened her eyes fully and looked strangely at Han Qianqian, wondering what he was doing.

Han Qianqian opened his mouth at that moment, “How about you kill me?”

“Eh?” The big beauty froze.

“As long as you don’t scream.”

Although the place was secluded enough, it was quiet enough at night, so if he kept screaming like this, he didn’t know if the big beauty would kill himself, but other people would definitely come to his door to kill him anyway.

“You think I wouldn’t dare.” The big beauty took the jade sword and stood up on the spot, and then put the sword on Han Qianqian’s neck.

Han Qianqian didn’t even dodge or evade, letting her do as she pleased.

“You’re not dodging?” The big beauty frowned.

“Why should I dodge?” Han Qianqian said, “I do things right, what reason do I have to hide?”

“You kissed me, and held hands with ……” the big beauty said with delicate anger.

“You think I want to? In case you really die, it will not be the same to turn into a severe ghost to blame me for not saving you when you see death?” Han Qianqian tilted his head to the side and said disdainfully.

The beautiful woman was speechless, and seeing Han Qianqian’s appearance, she was so angry that she also tilted her head to the side: “Cut it out, I’d rather die than have you touch me.”

The two of them were like this, you don’t look to one side, I don’t look to one side, and the conversation came to an end, and for a while the cave was awkward.

After a few moments, Han Qianqian was the first to open his mouth, “You still can’t kill it? If you don’t want to kill, then please put down your sword, it’s always on your neck do you think it’s not cold?”

“Also, although the poison in your body has been cleared for you, it doesn’t mean there is no residue, if you move, you’d better cut me at once, otherwise if you keep moving and the poison flares up, don’t blame me.”

Hearing these words, the big beauty mouth you you you you, but the sword in her hand never used a single point of strength.

“Who’s going to kill you.” She gave Han Qianqian a blank look, then tossed the sword to him and looked around the cave.

Han Qianqian gave a bitter laugh, got the jade sword and took it back.

“This is the kind of place you live in, huh?” The big beauty finished her survey and said with a slight frown.

“Isn’t it good to have the sky as a blanket and the ground as a bed?” Han Qianqian laughed softly, then turned around and walked over to the fire that hadn’t been completely extinguished, handing some of the roasted food on it to the big beauty, “Your body is very weak, eat something to tonic it.”

The big beauty took a glance at the food Han Qianqian handed over, one could not say that it sold badly, one could only say that it was pitch black into a ball, and there would definitely not be any doubt in anyone’s mind even if they said he was a burnt charcoal.

“Can this thing …… be eaten? Will it be poisoned just right, and poisoned again?” Receiving this thing, the big beauty frowned, obviously a bit shocked by this black whirling thing.

Not to mention her, even Han Qianqian really doubted if he would be poisoned by eating this thing. However, thinking of the pangolin’s hard work all morning, Han Qianqian still helplessly smiled bitterly and said, “Don’t worry, it won’t kill you to eat it, even if it’s poisoned won’t I help you solve it?”

Hearing this, the big beauty had the feeling of being taken advantage of again, but this time, she didn’t scream and lowered her head to look at the black whirring thing.

After a moment’s hesitation, her vermilion lips opened lightly and her teeth opened lightly, but she put it into her mouth.

As soon as it entered her mouth, the big beauty’s pretty face looked as if she was about to cry out, looking at Han Qianqian aggressively and crying, “What’s this?”

Han Qianqian also happened to have something in his mouth at this time, and without the need for the big beauty to say much, he felt his tastebuds explode and directly spat out everything that had just entered his mouth.

This stuff, I can’t say it’s not good, it’s completely unpalatable.

Yuck! What the hell is this?

Even if this was the pangolin’s generosity, Han Qianqian was really f*cking hard to resist.

Seeing Han Qianqian in that state, the big beauty was also depressed at this point, shaking her head and sighing, “I suddenly realize now that my sister’s words were right.”

“Your sister?” Hearing those words, Han Qianqian frowned and looked back at her, wondering, “What words?”