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His Destined Path Chapter 2997

This scream not only woke up Han Qianqian, who was too tired, but also the Mountain Armor and the Evil Taotie, who had been outside the cave for a whole day, woke up suddenly from their sleep.

The Mountain Armour glanced at the Evil Taotie, who also opened its one eye and looked at the Mountain Armour strangely.

Wearing the mountain armor back to look outside the cave it has come out with a lot of dry gra*s and dead wood to make a soundproof cave entrance, helplessly shook his head, patted the evil taotie’s back, said: “beast ah.”

The Evil Taotie seemed to nod, and then with one eye closed, he and the mountain beetle leaned against each other and fell back to sleep.

The cave, woken by the scream of Han Qianqian only feel a pain in the eardrums, is trying to raise a hand to rub the ears, but did not know that the big beauty is already scared is beautiful legs stirring.

“What are you doing? What do you want, you rascal?”

“You’re a beast with a human face, I thought you were a good person, you’re actually ……”


Her legs were straight and slender, under the chaotic stomping Han Qianqian was kicked several times, coupled with this ear-piercing scream, depressed, he could only reach out and grab her bare feet to make her stop stomping around.

“Can you just calm down and listen to my explanation?”

She froze for a moment and looked at Han Qianqian in a daze, but in the next second, her good-looking eyes suddenly looked at Han Qianqian’s hand gripping her foot in panic, and all of a sudden, another scream struck ……

Inside the cave, even the grey stones at the top of the cave were instantly shaken down ……

Han Qianqian covered his ears, people are almost dumbfounded by her screaming, depressed incomparably waved his hand: “Don’t …… stop screaming, I beg you.”

“I’m just helping you heal your wounds and help you detoxify the poison.”

“Antidote the poison, antidote what poison, you ……,” the big beauty immediately retorted coldly, but halfway through her words, she suddenly remembered the previous situation, after she was injured by that man in black, she did …… “Then you can’t take off my clothes either.”

“You’re injured on your back, how can I check your wound if I don’t pull your clothes down some? And how can I help you suck the poison out?” Han Qianqian said helplessly.

Although the back clothes had indeed been pulled away quite a bit, the front of the clothes hadn’t been damaged in any way, which was proof that the guy in front of her didn’t seem to be intentionally messing around, and was purely there to treat his own injuries.

However, just as the big beauty appeared to be letting her guard down, suddenly, she frowned, “What did you just say about the comer?”

“You’re injured on your back, how can I check your wounds if I don’t pull your clothes down some? And how can I help you suck the poison out!” Han Qianqian repeated, not knowing what had gone wrong.

“You helped me remove the poison, weren’t we …… hands on hands?” She looked at Han Qianqian strangely and raised her hand, which had been cut open, and asked strangely.

“Hand against hand is to help you remove the poison from your blood, which has even attacked your heart. As for your back, that’s the wounded mouth, the poisoned blood and the oozing blood basically converge there, for the subsequent treatment of the blood pa*sages to flow smoothly, you naturally need to clean it up first.” Han Qianqian explained.

“So, you took drugs for me? With your mouth?” She asked.

Han Qianqian nodded, where did you use if you didn’t use your mouth?

She didn’t say anything, just looked at Han Qianqian, who also looked at her, wondering what was wrong with her.


The sound broke through a thousand miles, piercing through the stone fall, and for a while dust flew throughout the cave, and Han Qianqian also closed her eyes, covering her ears with her hands in unbearable difficulty.

If others were attacked by sound, she was simply attacked by sound blasts!

Before Han Qianqian could wake up from the sound blast, the big beauty’s beautiful feet started to stomp at Han Qianqian again.

“You actually took your mouth and kissed… kissed my back, ah!!!”


She shouted while still trying to wipe her back with her hands.

However, just then, Han Qianqian, who was forcing herself to endure the stinging pain in her eardrums, suddenly stood up, followed by a slight movement in her hand, and drew out her jade sword.

Seeing Han Qianqian draw out her sword, the big beauty stopped screaming for a moment, her whole body curled up and backed up, looking at Han Qianqian, she was a little scared and terrified: “What are you …… doing?”

“You …… are not trying to take advantage and kill someone, are you?”

“Dog thief, I’m warning you, don’t come over.”

However, at this moment, Han Qianqian did not stop, but instead took a few steps to walk in front of her ……