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His Destined Path Chapter 3002

“There are two secret medicines that the people of the Peach’s Source must carry, one changeless and the other called Wuhuan, the two medicines have different sexual functions but look the same.”

“This girl, Wei’er, is probably fumbling when it comes to administering the medicine, plus she was originally incompetent in learning the art, so she made a joke in the process of administering the medicine, in order to use Wuhuan as Wuchang.”

Hearing this, Han Qianqian frowned, “Although I have only met Miss Xia Wei for the first time, I shouldn’t have offended her, right? Why did she drug me?”

“Wu Chang itself is a medicine that is good for both you and her, so she has no ill will, just …… Wuhuan is not quite the same.” She laughed softly, but her eyes were full of sincerity.

Han Qianqian nodded in consternation, at least it was the girl who was confused and not malicious, at least it was still acceptable.

“Wuhuan is actually not considered much of a poison in itself, it’s just a kind of psychedelic thing that will make the person who is struck by it have a disturbed breath and hallucinations, as a way to have enough time to escape, a kind of life-saving thing.”

“But ……” said Xaran himself, he thought it was a bit funny.

“But the blind cat met the dead rat, I happen to be a person who can’t breath to move around, right?” Han Qianqian also laughed helplessly and bitterly.

Xia Ran smiled and nodded, “You have the Seal of the Earth in your body, so you can’t do that since, therefore, after you ate it, your breath moving around triggered the seal.”

“But there is one thing I am wondering, if the seal was triggered inside me, I should be stiff all over because I was like this before, but why this time ……”

“Because of Violet.” She laughed.

Hearing this, Han Qianqian frowned.

“Wei’er and I, both of us are of the Phoenix clan, and although you and Wei’er are not skin to skin, blood and water have been fused between you.”

The Phoenix clan?

“She was poisoned at the time, and I had no choice but to use this method to help her remove the poison in her blood.” Han Qianqian explained.

Xia Ran nodded, “But it was also the young warrior’s benevolence that inadvertently allowed your blood to be tainted with Wei’er’s phoenix blood.”

“Phoenix blood is a rare bloodline that can lead to longevity and moreover give a person immortality, so since ancient times, countless people have sought to obtain the phoenix bloodline in an obscure manner.”

Han Qianqian nodded, no wonder the Black and White Furies kept shouting something about the Phoenix in their mouths at first.

Not only could they live forever, but most importantly, they were immortal, which made them somewhat perverted.

“However, senior has told me such secrets, aren’t you afraid that I have evil intentions?” Han Qianqian said.

Xia Ran smiled gently, “Since I dare to tell, I naturally don’t care.”

“It was the weak phoenix blood that fought against the seal in your body, thus causing your body to exhibit a phenomenon similar to poisoning.”

“When that girl saw that you were unconscious and had lost consciousness, she took you and your two friends and wandered around the mountains, trying to find a way back to the Peach Source, and it so happened that I saw that she had not returned for a day and was inevitably anxious, so I went out to look for her and happened to meet her, so I brought you back here.”

Hearing this, Han Qianqian nodded in understanding, so that was the case.

However, Han Qianqian was still very confused about one thing: how could she know about the seal on her body? If she knew about the Seal of the Earth, which was normal for the King of the Underworld to know, then how could he know about the fact that his body was invulnerable to all poisons?

Seeming to see Han Qianqian’s confusion, she smiled gently, “Xia Ran not only knows the Seal of the Earth, he even knows how to undo it.”

“As for why all poisons in your body are invulnerable, I can only say that you have dragon blood in your body and I have phoenix blood in my body, so I am clear about it, later, you will know the answer.”

She said, not caring what Han Qianqian’s reaction was at this moment, she slightly moved and removed the needles from Han Qianqian’s body one by one: “In an hour, a second needle will be placed, and I will be here for you then.”

Han Qianqian nodded and said sharply, “Senior ……”

“Xia Ran doesn’t seem that old, does she?”

“Then, Sister Xia Ran, I heard you say just now that you can undo the Seal of the Earth?” Han Qianqian said nervously.

Hearing this, Xia Ran laughed softly and got up, “Wei’er is waiting for you in the Peach Forest, the answer you need to find there.”

After saying that, Xia Ran got up and left.

The peach forest?

Han Qianqian smoothly looked towards the peach forest in the distance amidst the fairy aura, red in the emerald, then, slowly got up ……