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His Destined Path Chapter 3003

When one enters the peach forest, one sees the wonder and beauty of the peach trees amidst the immortal atmosphere.

The low peach trees were short but immense, and their thick trunks were as thick as a few people’s arms, and among their branches and leaves, the large peaches were so pink and tender that people had an appetite for them and could not wait to pick a few of them on the spot.

They formed themselves into a group, and with the immortal aura surrounding them, Han Qianqian really had the impression of watching Sun Monkey stealing peaches from the Heavenly Court back on Earth.

Between the peach groves, there is a jade corridor, down the corridor deep, located in the middle of the peach grove, there is a jade pavilion, in the pavilion there is a jade table, Xia Wei that big beauty is sitting next to the jade table, sorting out the peach on the jade table fruit plate.

When she heard footsteps behind her, Xia Wei immediately turned around and saw that it was Han Qianqian walking over, a smile burst out on her beautiful face and she jumped to meet her, “You’re awake?”

Han Qianqian nodded, looking at Xia Wei, Han Qianqian had to sigh, perhaps the heavens were fair.

This girl was indeed extremely beautiful, whether compared to any of the beauties Han Qianqian had seen before, she seemed to be beautiful in a different realm.

Very pure, but on the other hand, her hot body was particularly desirable.

She couldn’t compete with Lu Ruoxin, Qin Frost and the others, not because she wasn’t qualified, but because her beauty was simply not suitable for comparison.

She is a unique, completely different beauty from others.

But it was also this beauty that was so different that God had purposely given her a confused head.

Seeing Han Qianqian looking at her, she suddenly remembered something, slightly spitting out her small fragrant tongue and smiling embarra*sedly, “I’m sorry …… I ……”

“I’ve prepared fairy peaches for you, even if it’s a small amends?”

After saying that, her pair of good-looking eyes looked at Han Qianqian in a pitiful manner, those seductive eyes seemed to be talking at this moment, as if begging Han Qianqian to forgive her.

Since it was an unintentional act, Han Qianqian naturally wouldn’t add more blame, not to mention the fact that her sister had come down with a few stitches, and Han Qianqian really felt fine with herself at the moment, so she nodded her head.

When she saw Han Qianqian’s nod, she gave a heated smile and took Han Qianqian’s arm and walked straight to the pavilion.

“Nah, I’m very sincere, these are all the fairy peaches I just picked, aren’t they both pretty and especially fragrant?” With that, she enthusiastically handed Han Qianqian a large fairy peach.

The large size and colour of the peach made it clear that it was a beautiful peach.

“Take a bite.” She looked at Han Qianqian and gestured.

Han Qianqian nodded and then took a bite without ceremony.

As soon as the peach entered his mouth, Han Qianqian frowned, but not because there was anything wrong with the peach, but because the taste of the peach was too fresh and delicious.

This is definitely the most delicious peach Han Qianqian has ever eaten, even the most delicious fruit, that strange incomparable fragrant sweet taste, Han Qianqian can not even describe, only know that his taste buds have long fallen in it and can not extricate themselves.

“This …………”

The great beauty Xia Wei smiled heatedly, “What’s wrong? So good you can’t say anything, right?”

“The immortal peaches here only bloom once in five hundred years, bear fruit once in a thousand years, and ripen once in two thousand years, so not everyone can eat them whenever they want.”

Han Qianqian was stunned, were they that precious?

Xia Wei suddenly skewed her eyes around, “However, the one you eat, you must not tell your sister about it.”

“Why?” Han Qianqian frowned, why not just this one peach? This girl wasn’t going to risk anything again, was she?

She was a bit scared herself.

“I won’t tell you, how about it? Does eating this peach make you feel a lot better?” She asked.

Han Qianqian nodded, indeed there was a comfortable warmth that seemed to flow within her body, “By the way your sister said that the seal within my body can be lifted, however, the premise of this is that you need to be asked, can you help me?”

Once she heard this, Xia Wei she suddenly ……