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His Destined Path Chapter 3007

“Don’t you think there’s a strange point in this?”

“According to what I said, the Phoenix clan is at least not thriving, but it’s not as nearly extinct as it is today, long forgotten by the world and a legend, is it?” The mountain-penetrator said.

Han Qianqian nodded, however, he was not too surprised, everyone might want to obtain the Phoenix power, but the fact that the real Phoenix daughter was just a gimmick, this huge psychological gap, I’m afraid not everyone could accept it, right?

The man in the piercing nodded: “Human nature is ugly, when one finds out that one’s Phoenix daughter is only a Phoenix clan member, and not a real Phoenix daughter with Phoenix power, the loss in one’s heart can be imagined, rumour has it that many men who are favoured by the Phoenix clan end up forcibly messing around among the clan, full of both selfish desires and even more so when the real Phoenix daughter is found at the time of the union. ”

“But these are only one side of the coin, for there are always decent people in this world. It is those extremely cruel laws of elimination within the Phoenix that really cause them to wither away.”

“Because of the beauty of the phoenix, unique in the world, without the ability of the initial phoenix, the Phoenix clan is incapable of giving birth to nine sons with different looks, so in order to keep the bloodline pure, if the children do not have the beauty of their parents, the sons will die and the parents will die.”

“In this way, the people of the Phoenix clan have slowly turned into a legend in numbers in the midst of the years, although they have become more and more beautiful, and some even say they have long since become extinct.”

“What does this have to do with me?”

“It has a lot to do with it.” The mountain-penetrator said, “If you say that the two Xia Wei sisters are really the daughters of the phoenix, then we have seen almost only the two sisters since we entered the Peach’s Source, right?”

Han Qianqian nodded, indeed he hadn’t met anyone else here either.

“They are sisters, which proves that they were both born to the same mother, and that they are the only two Phoenixes left in this world, so what do you think of when these two are linked together.”

When Han Qianqian heard this, he immediately frowned, “You mean that they are the only heirs of the Phoenix people?”

Originally, they were the only two, but because they were sisters, they could also be seen as a single lineage that turned out to be the only one.

“Exactly.” The pierced beetle nodded, “If they are the only ones, this also means that the reincarnation of the Phoenix clan may have reached its end.”

“When a phoenix is nirvana, the end is also the beginning.”

“Therefore, one of the two sisters must be the one who might really possess the legendary Phoenix Power from the initial Phoenix.”

“You say, does this have anything to do with you?”

Looking at the rare seriousness of the pierced mountain beetle and his reasoned analysis, at this moment Han Qianqian froze in shock.

Relating to the fact that although Xia Wei was technically holding her feet back, she had instantly exploded to beat back the Black and White Dual Furies under Han Qianqian’s guidance, which meant that her inner foundation was strong.

What would be in such a situation?

Obviously, it would only be someone who is extremely talented, like Kirin’s little princess!

Plus, as Xia Ran was Xia Wei’s sister and de facto master, it was logical to a*sume that both her cultivation and dharma were bound to be far above Xia Wei.

However, when it came to lifting the seal of the earth, Xia Ran asked herself to go to Xia Wei for the answer, which should not be the case.

Because it was the opposite.

“Also, while Xaran is beautiful, Xia Wei is indescribably beautiful, and anyone who sees her will never forget it. If regal is an adjective for beauty, then in Xia Wei’s case it is a verb, she can really hook your heart and soul and make you remember her forever.”

“The beauty of a phoenix, she deserves it.”

“So, Han Qianqian, now do you know why I called you sh*t? You’re already extremely lucky to have met the Phoenix’s daughter, and you also happen to have f*cking met the unearthly, true Phoenix’s daughter with the Phoenix’s power that people have been losing their f*cking minds over for millions of years!” The pangolin said in depression.


Han Qianqian’s entire body fiercely opened his pupils in shock and looked at the Mountain Piercing Armor incredulously.

“D*mn you, the more I talk the more annoyed I get, I must beat you up first.”