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His Destined Path Chapter 3008

Faced with the “attack” of this pangolin, Han Qianqian didn’t even bother or care about him, his whole body was still immersed in the shock of the Phoenix’s daughter.


Millions of years of reincarnation, from a race of unknown size, through self-elimination, finally completing the so-called end of the whole tribe, to start a new beginning.


Such an immense and incomparable turnaround, even if it is not the Phoenix clan but some other race, is enough to make people feel overwhelmed.


Sometimes, things in the world are so natural, yet wonderfully incomparable.


Han Qianqian did not expect that he would have the privilege of seeing the reincarnation of a race, the end and the rebirth of a race.


I am afraid that this is what is said when one has no opinion of Mount Tai, but is in the presence of the body.


“It’s infuriating, it’s really infuriating.” The pangolin’s “attack” was so uninteresting that it let go and returned to its seat, taking a depressed bite of the peach, obviously still upset.


But at that moment, a breeze blew up from nowhere, and the peach blossoms suddenly fell like rain from the sky.


When the two of them looked up, they could only hear the fragrance coming from afar, but a beautiful figure was already slowly arriving.


Xia Ran was dressed in a light green dress, full of holiness and elegance, holding a delicate locket made of peach wood in her hands, with a faint smile on her face as she slowly walked over.


“Sister Xia Ran.” Han Qianqian got up and said respectfully.


“f*ck you, what sister do you call yourself, when you have a sister, save one for Laozi.” The mountain-penetrator gulped in a low voice, then raised his head and looked at Xia Ran who walked over, “Hey, Miss Xia Ran.”


“It’s time to call her sister.” Xia Ran smiled gently and gave a slight salute with one hand, gesturing for the two to sit down.


When the two sat down, Xia Ran also sat down, “Both of you, is the taste of this peach still satisfactory?”


Han Qianqian smiled, “The juice is sweet and delicious, top-notch on earth.”


The pangolin also laughed, “It tastes like a seventeen-year-old girl.”


The words fell, Han Qianqian and Xia Ran looked at him in unison, the pierced mountain beetle also seemed to feel a little embarra*sed, scratching his head: “This …… description is not …… good, huh?”


Xia Ran helplessly let out a bitter laugh and looked at Han Qianqian: “In the source of peach, every peach is a rare fruit, not only does it taste delicious, but more importantly, the spiritual energy in these peaches is excellent, it is a top grade tonic.”


“Every ten thousand years, the Phoenix clan would use this fruit to reward all the clans among the birds, however, this one you are holding.”


“It is the greatest treasure among peaches, and in the entire peach forest, there is only one. If an ordinary mortal eats it, even if he doesn’t have the potential to cultivate, he can attain the status of a chamber, and if he has cultivation, he can even gain a hundred years of power.” Xia Ran laughed lightly and said.


The two peaches looked similar in size, but they seemed to be much different in colour and lustre.


“Miss Xia Ran, what about this peach of mine?” The pangolin asked with some reluctance.


Xia Ran smiled and said politely, “This one of yours is naturally also a peach from our Peach’s Source.”


“What I care about is how long I can increase my kung fu by eating it.” As the mountain-penetrator said this, his eyes were still clearly looking at Han Qianqian.


“About ten years.”


“Great ……”


Motherf*cker, no, even if there is such a big difference in the treatment of the beautiful women around him, even if he f*cking eats a peach, the difference has to be so big?


He hundred years!


Own thought of their own worst estimated to mix a seventy or eighty years it, the gap is there, but should not be much.


But who knew that this f*cking question did not know, once asked a shock, this is not a gap is not much, it is clearly a world, an underground, okay?


When Han Qianqian smiled, he looked at Xia Ran with some embarra*sment and said, “Such a valuable thing, but Han Qianqian lost his mouth and ate it, this is really a sin.”


No wonder that girl Xia Wei had earlier characteristically instructed herself not to tell her sister about this peach, after all it turned out that this peach was so precious.


“Since it was given to you by my sister, it is naturally her way of hospitality, so what is your sin, Young Warrior Han?” Xia Ran smiled gently, then she put the mahogany box in her other hand on the table, and then, pushed it in front of Han Qianqian.


Han Qianqian was stunned and unsure, “Sister Xia Ran, this is ……”


“Open it and take a look.” Xia Ran chuckled softly.