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His Destined Path Chapter 3010

Xaran smiled and didn’t retort.


“No way!” The piercing beast stood up from his seat in a rush.


Even as Han Qianqian’s best friend, he would never believe that Han Qianqian could read the Heart of the Golden Phoenix.


Because the Golden Phoenix Heart, although people who knew the legend of the Phoenix knew of its existence, and even many men who had been chosen by the Phoenix clan had seen it with their own eyes.


But for those who could read it, it was almost non-existent.


Even if they did, they would be very few and far between, and even more so if they could read what was written in it.


Many people say that if the True Phoenix’s Daughter is an invisible and untouchable phoenix treasure, then the Golden Phoenix’s Heart is a treasure that can be seen and touched, but the meaning of which is not known at all.


But the former is at least full of unknowns, but at least it gives you hope, whereas the Heart of the Golden Phoenix crushes all your hopes and leaves you with nothing but despair.


After many storms, who only remembers the Phoenix’s daughter and thus ignores the Golden Phoenix’s Heart.


Xia Ran waved his hand slightly, stood up and said, “Although the Heart of the Golden Phoenix exists within the Phoenix Clan, it is indeed as Young Warrior Pierce said, I don’t know how many millions of years no one has been able to exhaustively penetrate the mysteries of this.”


“Among the nine sons of the Phoenix, the fire phoenix is the most important, and the golden phoenix is the most detailed, which can take human form.


“In search of the ancestral phoenix, the golden phoenix old ancestor then left its heart for the heavenly origin.”


“When the heart of the Golden Phoenix can be broken, one will be able to obtain the greatest treasure left behind by the Golden Phoenix Ancestor, and at the same time, it will also open the time when the Ancestral Phoenix will return, so the two are originally connected.”


“Since there is no one in the world who can break the Heart of the Golden Phoenix, since the Ancestral Phoenix has not returned, there will be no appearance of that Phoenix’s power.”


“So, it is clear to everyone that in order to see the Ancestral Phoenix, one must first open the Heart of the Golden Phoenix. For many years, both the people of the clan and the men sought by the clan have tried to unlock the secrets of the Heart of the Golden Phoenix, but none have succeeded.”


“My father and mother tried to unlock it hundreds of years ago, they were seen as the hope of the Phoenix clan, but unfortunately my father only unlocked the first two lines.”


“However, it is also these two sentences that allow me to confirm that there is no mistake in what Young Master Han has deciphered. For the two sentences that my father had solved in the first place were exactly the same as the first two sentences that Young Master Han had solved.”




Hearing these words, the entire man of the piercing mountain beetle could not help but stagger and take two steps backwards out of fear and shock.


“Actually, I shouldn’t have taken out the Heart of the Golden Phoenix at this time, but I don’t know why today, there was always an inexplicable stirring in my heart, so I took it out by a ghost, but I didn’t expect it ……”


“If you have the intention to plant a flower, you can’t plant a flower, but if you don’t have the intention to plant a willow, it will become a willow.”


Speaking of this, Xia Ran raised his head to look at the distant sky: “Mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, your long-cherished wish is completed, you can rest in peace.”


After saying this, Xia Ran silently closed her eyes for a few seconds, as if in silent mourning, then she took a few steps towards Han Qianqian and smiled, “Since you can’t penetrate all of it for a while, there is always a chance as time pa*ses.”


Then, Xia Ran gently lifted the mahogany box and handed it to Han Qianqian.


“Ah?” Han Qianqian’s entire body was dumbfounded, Xia Ran was actually going to give this to himself? This was the greatest treasure of the Phoenix clan, and even the heart of the legendary Golden Phoenix!


Wasn’t this a joke?


“Sister Xia Ran, you’re not joking with me, are you?” Han Qianqian was so dumbfounded that she really wondered if she had heard it wrong.


“Even if Xia Ran were to joke with ten thousand people in heaven and earth, she would never dare to joke with Young Warrior Han, especially on this matter.” Although the smile on Xia Ran’s face never dissipated, his eyes were filled with sincerity, and there was no hint of joking at all.


This time, Han Qianqian was completely dumbfounded: “No, this is the greatest treasure of your Phoenix Clan?”


Have you taken the wrong medicine?


“It is indeed the greatest treasure of our Phoenix clan, enough to defend with one’s life even, however, from now on, the greatest treasure of the Phoenix clan has changed hands, the Golden Phoenix Heart is still important, but not as important as the other.”


“Young warrior Han, can you move and come with me to a place?”


“Where to?” Han Qianqian froze.


“The Water Moon Cave.”