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His Destined Path Chapter 3009

Han Qianqian glanced at Xia Ran and after a moment’s hesitation, reached out and opened the mahogany box.


When the box was opened, it contained a pendant of a necklace.


It was about the size of an egg and contained a huge diamond-like piece, blood yellow in colour, which was very beautiful.


There were many strange patterns inside, which did not seem to have any pattern on the surface, but if one looked closely, one could see that the patterns seemed to form a strange and incomparable pattern between them.


In a way, Han Qianqian seemed to feel that these patterns were quite somehow, only that he couldn’t tell for a while.


“This is ……,” Han Qianqian looked at Xia Ran curiously.


“Can you tell something?” Xia Ran laughed.


Han Qianqian shook his head, but when he unintentionally skimmed the sight, he seemed to take a second look and felt that the patterns seemed to have quite a deep meaning.


With a frown, Han Qianqian focused once again on the gems in the mahogany box, and suddenly, he seemed to understand something.


These textures, where they were located, seemed to have many similarities to the Eight Trigrams technique that Qinglong had taught himself, or simply put, they were a mixture of the two diagrams of the Heavenly Dipper and the Earthly Furies, only that they were so fragmented and concentrated in their distribution that they seemed completely chaotic and irregular.


As for these textures, they were not actually the kind of textures imagined, but were actually a kind of writing.


Only, this kind of writing, Han Qianqian knew, but was very rusty.


He was a kind of gossip term, extremely difficult to understand, but it so happened that that guy Qinglong had taught himself.


That day, on top of the small boat, day and night, he had long talks and engaged in mutual dealings with Qinglong, and in the process, Han Qianqian learned a lot about the Eight Trigrams, Yin and Yang, and Five Elements Heavenly Kui.


Despite Han Qianqian’s considerable talent, it was clearly not easy to become comfortable with these complicated arts overnight.


However, Han Qianqian was curious as to what such seemingly nonsensical, but in fact fine, textures actually recorded. So, even though it was difficult, Han Qianqian still tried to make sense of the original position of the textures using the Heavenly Dipper and the Earthly Furies, and then followed their position by translating them word by word.


“At the beginning of heaven and earth, there was the Ancestral Phoenix, and then there were nine sons, but although the nine sons were excellent, they were of different characters, so there were, for example, the Green Twin and the Fire Phoenix, who were among the immortals, and there were also the four-winged and eight-tailed Zhaofeng, who caused a lot of trouble, and there were even the vicious Roc, which was not the Ancestral Phoenix’s intention.”


“The ancestral phoenixes were furious, and since then, the phoenixes have had rules that the descendants of the phoenixes need to be chosen carefully, so as not to have any more people who attract the wind, so that only those who are able to do so can merge with the phoenixes and produce the next generation.”


“Until the optimal generation, it will be the essence of the entire Phoenix clan, and also the greatest beauty of the Phoenix clan, at that time, the ancestral phoenix will descend, benefiting the clan, and the Phoenix clan, also usher in a new life.”


After translating this, Han Shaoqian already felt that his head was about to explode, although the general meaning was clear, but he was also clear that there were many details in it that he had missed, moreover, there was still a large half of the paragraph after that, Han Qianqian really did not have the energy to read on.


Seeing Han Qianqian’s difficult look, Xia Ran smiled gently and was about to speak.


“Is this the greatest treasure of the Phoenix Clan? The Heart of the Golden Phoenix?” At the side, the piercing mountain beetle suddenly spoke up.


Xia Ran smiled, “I can’t believe that you are so knowledgeable, you even know about the treasures of my clan.”


Hearing Xia Ran’s compliment, the piercing mountain armor really belonged to the kind of bomb farts that hit the spot. On the spot, he became a little fluttered and said smugly, “Well, I dare not say I’m that strong, but I can barely be considered knowledgeable and knowledgeable.”


Then, he looked at Han Qianqian disdainfully and said, “The Golden Phoenix Heart is the most precious treasure of the phoenix tribe, it’s very precious.


“Don’t pretend you don’t understand.”


Han Qianqian scratched his head, could it be that he had translated it wrong?


“Am I right, Miss Xia Ran.” The pangolin looked confidently at Xia Ran.


Xia Ran nodded gently, “What you said is indeed not bad, the Golden Phoenix Heart does contain the amazing secrets of my Phoenix clan, and the textures in it are even more complex and profound, so ordinary people cannot even peek into it.”


“However, what young warrior Han just recited is not wrong.”


“What?” The mountain piercing armour’s smug expression turned into shock: “You mean that he can read the Heart of the Golden Phoenix?”