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His Destined Path Chapter 3016

“Water Moon Cave Heaven? This is the Water Moon Cave?” Seeing that cave, the piercing beetle’s entire being was extremely surprised.

“Moon in water, cave in heaven, in fact, from the beginning Miss Xia Ran told us the answer, just ……” Speaking of this, Han Qianqian shook his head in embarra*sment, “It’s just that we both thought a little too much. ”

The two of them slowly walked towards the entrance of the cave.

The red fish and shrimps around them swam lightly, and the coral scallops under their feet swayed open and closed.

“Go in.”

They looked at each other and stepped into the cave, which was two metres high and wide enough for three people to walk through side by side, the sand still white beneath their feet and the water bubbles still floating up.

After about ten metres or so, the cave opens up to a wide enough surface to rival that of the palace on land.

There are nine statues, including a beautiful golden phoenix, a peaC*ck and a fire phoenix, and a fierce roc, but at the top of them is a huge statue with an even bigger body and an even more beautiful and powerful appearance, with a lion in front and a deer behind, a snake’s head and a fish’s tail, a dragon’s text and a turtle’s back, a swallow’s jaw and a chicken’s beak, all in five colours.

Just by looking at the statue alone, one could tell that this object was anything but ordinary, and its aura was even more impressive.

“Is this the initial phoenix?” Han Qianqian looked at the huge statue in front of him and could not help but sigh.

Han Qianqian even wondered how strong the shock would be if it really came to life in front of him!

“Is that a blue eider?” The pangolin’s focus was on the eighth of the nine statues, which was smaller than the separate one in the middle, but much larger than the other eight.

“According to legend, its body is so huge that it is comparable to a giant Kun, and it can raise waves with the wave of its wings, and is rumoured to be the strongest of the nine phoenixes.” The mountain-penetrator murmured an explanation.

“What about the white through-body one?” Han Qianqian asked.

“The Snowy Owl, the king of birds in the ice, can not eat or drink, exhale as mist and gulp as snow.” The pierced mountain beetle said.

“The green one is the Green Luan, next to the Golden Phoenix and the Fire Phoenix; the Golden Phoenix is elegant, has a unique temperament and can take human form, and the Fire Phoenix is immortal and lives in nirvana.”

“As for the peaC*ck, it likes to eat human flesh and has an excellent relationship with the roc, who likes dragon flesh, and that one over there is the Hundred Ming, who can understand music and also make the most beautiful sounds in the world.”

Each of the nine sons of the dragon is different and extraordinary, but how can the nine daughters of the phoenix not lead the way in their own way?

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian also suddenly remembered the terrain of the earth, the so-called crouching dragon and phoenix ……

“By the way, where is sister Xia Ran?”

Hearing Han Qianqian talk about it, the piercing beetle also then remembered that the two of them were attracted by the ten statues as soon as they entered and forgot about Xia Ran’s existence.

“Didn’t we agree that she would wait for us here?” The mannequin also looked around, but although there was plenty of space, he did not see Xia Ran’s figure.

But as they were looking around, suddenly there was a flash of silver light in the entire space, followed by a sharp but extremely melodious voice in the midst of the flash.

The entire silver light turned into five colours, and the place where the two of them were was like a dream world.


An even more imposing shout came, and the ten statues inside the cave, excluding the largest one, the remaining nine suddenly retreated the lime on their bodies, instantly spreading their wings and flying straight to the top of the cave.

“Holy f*ck!” Han Qianjiu shouted in excitement when he saw such a situation.

The nine phoenixes suddenly soared above the cave, and while the nine different gorgeous colours were eye-catching, what was even more shocking was the huge pressure of the nine behemoths appearing at the same time.

How could anyone not be dumbfounded by the fact that the phoenix was flying and there were nine of them?

Even Han Qianqian, who had seen a lot, was completely dumbfounded at this moment, as nine pillars of light emanated from them, each soaring and spreading its wings, posing with its head held high.

“What’s going on?” Next to him, the Mountain Piercing Armor was obviously also taken aback, looking incredulously at the scene happening before him.

The piercing mountain beetle did not know, and how could Han Qianqian know, was panicking and did not know what to do, when suddenly, at this most critical juncture, the gaze of the nine nestling phoenixes slowly focused on the two of them ……

This look, Han Qianqian and piercing armor opportunity all subconsciously a retreat ……