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His Destined Path Chapter 3017

“I top, the pressure is so great.” The pangolin couldn’t help but swallow and whispered next to Han Qianqian.

For some reason, when the nine phoenixes looked at him at the same time, even he felt an invisible pressure weighing him down.

Perhaps, this is the aura of the ancient beasts.

Seeing that Han Qianqian was also a bit nervous, the mountain beetle remembered that Han Qianqian had to rely on himself in his current state, so he swallowed again and forcibly rea*sured him, “It’s alright, don’t worry, although they look a bit scary, but aren’t we guests of the Peach Source, they won’t attack us.”

Han Qianqian nodded his head, he did agree with what the mountain beetle said.

But in the next second, Han Qianqian let out an angry cry, “I’ll f*ck you.” Immediately afterwards, a side-step directly dodged. Before the piercing armour could understand why Han Qianqian suddenly cursed himself, it saw a black shadow suddenly attacking towards him.

“I’ll do it!”

With a loud roar, the Mountain Piercing Armor hurriedly shrunk its body, like a hedgehog, and hastily protected itself with the armor on its back, even though it moved too fast and this hit the ground directly and heavily, but the pain was obviously insignificant compared to its life.


Even though one dodged and the other used his armour to defend himself, as the black shadow skimmed by, the strong wind it drove still blew both Han Qianqian and the Mountain Piercing Armour into a tumble until they were separated by tens of metres each before they came to a halt.

After the blow was over, the two men waited for a moment to see no reaction before they slowly raised their heads like turtles, and when they looked, they looked at each other.

The ground where they had been had been cut into a huge gully about half a metre wide and half a metre deep.

Luckily, they had dodged quickly!

“Didn’t you say you wouldn’t f*cking hit us?” Han Qianqian shouted at the mountain-penetrator.

“How the f*ck should I know why it’s going to hit us?” The Mountain Piercing Armor also replied loudly in depression.

But just as the two of them were speaking, at that moment, the roc had already turned its body around, like an eagle hunting for food, and swooped down again.

The pangolin subconsciously tried to dodge by shrinking its head, but as soon as it moved, it was shocked to find that the roc’s direction of attack was not towards itself, but only towards Han Qianqian.

“sh*t, it’s not looking for me?” The pangolin rubbed its head, not knowing why.

Almost at the same time as the pangolin was dazed, the roc was already swooping towards Han Qianqian.

If it were normal, Han Qianqian would have been nervous in the face of such a huge thing, but he would not have been in too much trouble, but now that Han Qianqian was in this situation, he was in nothing but trouble.

He was like a chick without the protection of a hen, facing the huge and sharp claws of a roc.

“Brush!” The roc, the roc, the roc, the roc.

Han Qianqian almost subconsciously turned over, and the roc’s sharp claws slashed directly past his body at a speed of less than a centimetre, and only the nails under his sharp claws carried over the ground, and the ground was instantly cracked into a gully as deep as it was just now.

After all, if Han Qianqian or himself had been directly hit by this claw, I’m afraid they would have been cut into pieces of flesh on the spot.

“Why are you still standing there? Come and help.” Han Qianqian shouted sharply as he rolled on the ground in disarray.

Only then did the pangolin reflect and let out an oh, just as he was about to move, he suddenly heard another scream attack him, and the unbelievably huge peaC*ck was already suddenly coming towards him.

“Holy sh*t, Han Qianqian has a dragon on him, the roc is going to eat him, I’m not a human, what are you getting me for.” The pangolin cursed, and his whole body quickly rushed to Han Qianqian’s side, then, he dragged Han Qianqian and then directly a vanish into the ground.

If he couldn’t fight, he could just run away, right?

But just as the piercing mountain beetle took Han Qianqian underground and the peaC*ck and the roc’s combined attack fell short, there was another long cry, and the giant bird with four wings and eight tails suddenly spread its wings.

The ground was covered with sand and rocks, and in just a few moments, the ground was directly brought up by the wind and a huge hole, hidden several meters deep underground.

What …… what the f*ck is going on?