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His Destined Path Chapter 3019

Even though the jade sword was deadly in front of its claws, its long nails still pierced Han Qianqian’s body directly.

Han Qianqian’s face was contorted as he clenched his teeth. Even though he was extremely strong, his whole body still felt like it was falling apart in the face of such an impact from the roc.

But obviously, it was not the peaC*ck that was suffering the most, but the peaC*ck that had also arrived at almost the same time.

At the other end, the pangolin also slammed into the big bang with all its strength.



After the first muffled sound, Han Qianqian’s whole body was like a marble on a spring, and directly flew backwards, after presenting a parabola in the air, it directly smashed on the cave wall a few dozen meters away, slowly sliding down ……

The second time the sound was heard, the mountain beetle struck a blow directly at the body of the roc.

The attacker hit the roc’s right wing, although it was not as strong as Han Qianqian’s, but don’t forget that the roc’s back was full of thorny barbs, plus the roc’s weight was completely on Han Qianqian, so he had no protection against him.

The strike was perfect, the roc’s huge body moved slightly, at the same time the whole right wing was slightly deformed due to the impact of the mountain beetle, and many of the barbs on the mountain beetle’s back also directly entered its wing, immediately blood flowed slightly, and a low painful scream came out of the roc’s mouth.

“Bingo.” The mountain piercing beetle looked into the distance excitedly.

At the far wall, Han Qianqian had long since slid off the wall and onto the ground. The tremendous impact from the collision not only made him feel his internal organs tumbling and uncomfortable, but more importantly, at this moment, Han Qianqian’s right shoulder was almost reduced to white bones, and the flesh on his hand and shoulder had been scratched by the sharp claws, leaving almost only some skin and flesh still barely attached.

On his chest, his Immortal Armour had also broken open, and Han Qianqian could even see a huge, bloody wound on his belly.

He looked with difficulty at the two large birds in the distance, had he miscalculated?

Even the hardest Immortal Xuan Armour plus the Frost Jade Armour could not resist the sharp claws of these two birds?

He had originally thought that by using his body’s instinctive artifacts, he should be able to stall the two big birds’ attacks even without luck, thus creating an opportunity for the Mountain Piercing Armour to counterattack.

But now, the result did not seem to be too good.

The only consolation was that, despite his own poor calculations, at least the Mountain Piercing Armour had come within his calculations.

But this relief did not last long.

Almost at the same time as the Mountain Piercing Armor roared out, that Roc suddenly had a flash of golden light all over its body, and the Mountain Piercing Armor, which was originally set dead on the Roc’s wings, was instantly and directly knocked several meters away by the wave of golden light, while the Roc’s wings also buzzed under the flow of golden light, and actually recovered as good as new completely and directly in an instant.

“What?” The piercing mountain beetle hit the ground heavily and looked at the intact as new roc, his entire body was dumbfounded.


Mountain Piercing Armor violently spurted out a mouthful of old blood, not knowing whether it was from being angry or from being shaken off and hitting the ground.



The two birds cried out to each other, and the next second, with a flap of their wings, they flew straight towards Han Qianqian’s side.

At this moment, Han Sanqian was still leaning against the wall, when he saw the roc golden light crossing his body the whole person was also very surprised, but with the sight of the two big birds coming towards him again, Han Sanqian knew that he no longer had time to be shocked.

Gritting his teeth, Han Sanjian used his left hand to grip the jade sword, then supported himself and slowly stood up, looking at the two big birds that were already hovering not far in front of him.

“Three thousand!” The piercing beetle looked at the situation over there from afar and was tense for a while, but his own injuries from being shaken away made it difficult for him to go to support at all for a while.

“Roc, PeaC*ck!” Han Qianqian suddenly smiled and looked at them coldly as the jade sword in his hand slowly lifted up ……