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His Destined Path Chapter 3020

The pangolin’s eyes were wide open, what was this Han Qianqian kid up to? Instead of trying to save himself, he was provoking the two big birds, was he crazy?


The two birds seemed to have sensed Han Qianqian’s provocation and could not help but chirp in unison to vent their discontent and anger.

Han Qianqian’s face was slightly cold and he laughed repeatedly, “What joy is there in life, what fear is there in death, I don’t know if history is repeating itself or if I have a short life, come.”

With a wave of his long sword, Han Qianqian took up a fighting stance.

If he were to die, he would admit it. At least the treatment of the peaC*ck and the roc would be enough for him.

There is an ancient legend that a Buddha was swallowed by the peaC*ck, helpless to break the belly and out of the heart of the anger, want to take it to kill, but because of fear of the peaC*ck is the son of the initial phoenix, hurt it as hurt its mother, so can only weigh the pros and cons, to the beauty of its seal its peaC*ck king and find each other to step down.

After the roc heard the news is not true, rushed up to the clouds for sister revenge, kill the sky full of gods and Buddhas to find the north, Buddha led the Buddha of all beings by several days of battle finally will be captured, sealed its roc Ming King, to end this matter.

Buddha can have this two things of the robbery, Han three thousand now also have, naturally enough.

As the two birds charged, Han Qianqian smiled coldly, “Even if I die, I must take you two with me.”

“Get up!”


The next second, the jade sword in his hand buzzed with a stream of light, and the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel appeared at the same time.

The next second, Han Qianqian was already directly like a shadow of light, directly bursting out to attack the two big birds.

“This guy, he doesn’t want to die?” Seeing Han Qianqian’s direct luck open wide, the Mountain Piercing Armor was both surprised and incomparably worried, for it knew very well what the outcome of luck equated to given Han Qianqian’s current situation.

However, if it were Han Qianqian itself, I’m afraid it would have done the same thing.

After all, the two had no other choice now.



Seeing Han Qianqian running towards them, the two big birds, not knowing whether their battle intent was ignited or whether they were furious to the extreme, shouted in unison and scattered in the air, directly pinning Han Qianqian down.

Two birds, only one!

Faced with two extremely strong opponents, Han Qianqian barely hesitated, and directly urged all his energy to run towards the roc, while the 72-way divine sword in his hand drove the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel to attack directly.


Han Qianqian’s 72-way divine sword opened the way, and his body’s indestructible mystical armour and frosty jade armour were driven to the maximum with true energy, not only to attack but also to defend.

The moment he broke through the rain of arrows, the jade sword pressed straight ahead, while the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel turned into two streams of light, running from the left and right sides simultaneously.

But just as Han Qianqian was about to land a blow, he only saw the roc’s wings move slightly, and in the next second, his original form had already disappeared from sight, appearing hundreds of metres away.

“What speed.”

“However, if you are fast, I am not slow either.” Han Qianqian shouted coldly, his body bursting with golden light, his feet moving with the Tai Xu Divine Step, and he attacked again with his jade sword in hand.

The roc’s golden mouth opened, and at once flames rushed in, directly engulfing Han Qianqian who had rushed forward.

However, in just a moment, only a stream of light flashed by, and Han Qianqian rushed straight out of the flames.

Since the flames, Han Qianqian had already activated the Five Elements Divine Stone, and once the true energy was poured in, the five elements reversed, helping Han Qianqian to resist the flames from the roc.

The roc was stunned, not knowing how Han Qianqian could burst out of the flames unaffected by the flames.

The roc panicked, but at that moment it had no other choice but to hastily turn its head away to avoid it.

As the jade sword struck down in the air, the Heavenly Flame Moon Wheel also came down from the left and right sides of the sword, and was directed at the roc.


With a loud bang, the sword cut directly through the roc’s wing, leaving a long scar on the sword, while the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel also left a serious burn on top of the long scar, widening the width of the scar, which was originally a few centimetres, by a full double.

The wing was injured and the huge roc’s body suddenly lost its balance and fell to one side askew.

Hand up, sword down ……