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His Destined Path Chapter 3023

“The snowy owl is here too.”

“One ice and one fire, that’s quite a look at me.” Han Qianqian smiled wryly, since you want to fight, then let’s fight!


Han Qianqian’s eyes were suddenly bloodshot, his black aura fiercely covering his golden aura, and his entire person’s demonic aura was soaring as if he was a hellish killing god.



Two phoenixes roared, the fire phoenix opened its mouth wide, and suddenly the sky was filled with flames, the snowy owl breathed fiercely, and suddenly the air froze, ice and snow rushed in.


Han Qianqian’s demonic aura flourished, leaving several streaks of shadow in his body, eventually uniting in mid-air and charging directly at the ice and fire.


As soon as the three came into contact, it was as if they came to a standstill in mid-air, as Han Qianqian held the Five Elements Divine Stone in one hand and met the attack of Ice and Fire directly.

“You want to play with ice and fire? I’ll play with you.” As soon as the words fell, an evil smile curled out of the corners of his mouth, and with one hand, he used a huge amount of demonic qi to slap the divine stone into it.


The five elements of the divine stone suddenly enlarged into a daze, the fire confronting it began to subside, the ice confronting it began to melt.

A standstill, like a runaway stillness.

In the next second, a great rush of water rushes through the fire, and a fierce dragon of fire roars through the snow!


The fire phoenix was violently swept away by the great water and the snowy owl was engulfed by the huge fire.

When the water cleared the fire, the phoenix was no longer as arrogant as before, but a living, breathing chicken. The snowy owl was as white as a phoenix in ice, but now it was in a mess, with blackness from the fire all over its body.

Han Qianqian’s shadow fell, reappeared, already holding a long sword, a foot on the snowy owl, a sword straight to the throat of the fire phoenix.

“The dragon is in the sky, but the phoenix is on the earth, how can you allow more offense.”

At this moment, a nice human voice came, Han Qianqian looked back, but only heard the voice but not the person, was confused, only to see the green body of the phoenix slowly fly, with a green light, a look is extraordinary.

“Even the Green Luan has come.” Han Qianqian smiled and looked at the phoenix above his head, but only the golden phoenix and the giant blue bird and the hundred-voiced bird were hovering.

The blue bird in particular, even after the demonization of Han Sanqian, could not help but look at it with a slight fear.

Compared to the other eight phoenixes, this one is really huge, flying overhead, occupying almost half of the space, looking from afar, like the blue half of the starry sky, and like the deep bottom of the sea.

The green luan moved, a green light floated out from its body, wrapped around the fire phoenix and snow owl, immediately, the two wretched look dissipated, back to the previous look, just a movement of each, one will break away from Han Qianqian feet, one also neck a flash of golden light swept away Han Qianqian’s long sword, the two giant birds have flown in the sky, after the hidden shape.

“Are you prepared to fight me alone?” Han Qianqian didn’t care about the fire phoenix and snowy owl, he just looked at Qing Luan and said.

Qing Luan said softly, “I have never fought with anyone, but I am not used to seeing you humiliate my people by stepping on them.”

“However, just because I don’t fight you, doesn’t mean there aren’t others who don’t fight you.”

Han Qianqian smiled and looked up at the huge blue eider and the elegant-looking Baiming overhead, saying, “Is it the blue eider or the Baiming? Or maybe they are together?”

When Han Qianqian raised his head slightly, he saw that the huge blue eider above his head was like a change in the storm clouds, and the figure of the blue eider began to move slightly.

The next second, a long whistle suddenly appeared in the cave, shaking the ears and at the same time, the momentum was also extremely powerful.

The mountain goat and the roc, who were in the middle of a vicious fight, stopped their actions almost simultaneously and looked sideways.

At the top of the cave, the blue eider slowly flew down from the cave to the middle of the air.

Although Han Qianqian was still quite a distance away from this creature, he could still feel the enormous pressure from it.

This feeling was extremely rare for Han Qianqian nowadays, and if he had to say under what circumstances he felt this way, Han Qianqian would be able to think of it without much thought.

When facing the two true gods ……