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His Destined Path Chapter 3024

Han Qianqian’s brow was furrowed as he faintly looked at the behemoth, shocked but not afraid.

The blue eider moved slowly, eyes slightly open, looking down at Han Qianqian like a fierce tiger seeing a piglet.

“Three thousand, be careful, this guy is very powerful.” The mountain beetle shouted, “Watch out for his wings.”

Han Qianqian did not say anything, not even taking his eyes off the blue eider, what was obvious was that Han Qianqian had also noticed this.

The previous few phoenix chicks, when each one fell, always spread their wings and roamed, but this time it was completely different, this guy was like a dragon slowly spinning down from head to tail, those huge wings didn’t even move even a little.

With his body ready to luck out, Han Qianqian stared at it warily.

“Go on, let him have a good look at the power from the Phoenix clan.” Qing Luan softly shouted.

Hearing Qing Luan’s voice, the immense blue eider slowly lifted its huge wings, and with the lift of its wings, barely waiting for Han Qianqian to take any precautions, the entire cave suddenly began to distort, and the water that had been so peaceful, the water that had surrounded itself without any effect, was like water in a bottle being stirred, spinning wildly!

Han Qianqian felt that his whole body was being driven up, and he hurriedly used his energy to stabilise himself, but even so, he was like a tree trunk in a gale, constantly swaying and in danger of falling at any moment.

Although he tried to resist like Han Qianqian, he could barely resist for a second before he was swept up.

But the guy was able to curl up in time, and after weaving swiftly, he plunged into the earth and burrowed for many metres in a flash of smoke.

The roc and the injured Zhaofeng, too, turned into streams of light amidst the overturning waves and flew back to the top of the cave, giving up the home turf to the blue eider apparently.

Han Qianqian’s face was grim, his teeth clenched.

Powerful, incomparably powerful, even a hundred times stronger than he had imagined.

If Han Qianqian had been able to resist with all his might while facing the water of his divine halberd last time he had fought against the Ao Clan True God, then this time Han Qianqian not only did not have the slightest intention to resist, but even felt content to hold on for a little longer.

The difference between the two was immediately obvious, but it was definitely not that the Ao Family True God was not strong enough, but that this fellow Blue Eider was too perverted.

“What should I do?” Han Qianqian’s brain spun rapidly.


Almost at that moment, the blue eider’s wings slowly flapped down.

At that moment, the rapids that were spiralling upwards suddenly changed direction, spinning in the opposite direction and pressing downwards.

Poor Han Qianqian was trying to avoid the danger of being swept away, but how could he have imagined that the rising and swirling water would suddenly change direction and violently press Han Qianqian downwards?

In a flash, Han Qianqian only felt that his back was suddenly crushed by a titanic mountain, and the pressure was so strong that it would have crushed Han Qianqian into a meat cake.


Han Qianqian cursed, forcing all his energy to the top, this D*mned blue eider really deserved to be the strongest of the nine fledgling phoenixes, just the lift and flap of these wings had almost f*cked himself half to death.

D*mn it.

If this goes on, he will kill me, I have to break the game.

But this guy’s power was unbelievable, not to mention breaking the game, even if he wanted to resist his attack, it was like talking about a dream.

What the hell was he going to do?


As he was thinking, he was slightly distracted by the slight lack of confrontation, and Han Qianqian was instantly pressurised into spitting blood, and his feet sank several more times into the mud.

“sh*t!” Han Qianqian endured the pain and regrouped his strength, but also strengthened his conviction to break the game, because if he didn’t, he doubted he could be played to death by this blue eider.

Looking at the fine, light sand beneath his feet, Han Qianqian’s thoughts were suddenly stretched out and his brow furrowed slightly.

A moment later, a smile suddenly bloomed on this guy’s face, and the next second, he hemmed and hawed, clearly already having his response: “I think, I understand.”