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His Destined Path Chapter 3026


“You have a way to deal with the blue eider?” Hearing Han Qianqian’s words, the piercing beetle instantly came to life and hurriedly looked back.

“Because you are of the earth genus, between the earths, even though there are ten thousand forces, you can still remain unaffected.”

“Even, not only will they not cause you any trouble, harm, but they will also make you move more freely, as you do, so do the earthworms, right?”

The pangolin nodded, this was indeed true.

“That is right then, to sum up your situation in one word, it is like a fish in water.”

“So, do you understand?”

The pangolin seemed to understand, and seemed not to: “What you mean is ……”

“When has the depth of the water ever drowned a fish? When have the waves of the sea ever lapped a fish to death?” Han Qianqian laughed lightly.

The mountain-penetrating beetle slapped its head, sort of completely understanding Han Qianqian’s words, and was instantly delighted, saying, “You mean that although the water energy of that blue eider is great, you don’t want to choose to resist it, but to be a fish inside!”

Han Qianqian nodded and said, “That’s right, that’s exactly what happened.”

To fight against it might not necessarily mean doing the opposite.

“It seems that I still have to rely on you.” Han Qianqian touched out his own Five Elements Divine Stone and said with a light smile.

In the cave at that moment, facing Han Qianqian who had suddenly disappeared in place, the blue eider stared deadly at the ground, it knew where Han Qianqian had gone since.

“He still thinks that only the wind can blow up the sand and rocks to make him visible, but what else can he say except that he is stupid and has little knowledge?” Qing Luan gave a cold laugh.

The blue eider did not speak, and with a slight movement of his body, his wings were about to move again.

But at that moment, he heard a soft cry, and when he looked back, it was Han Qianqian who had returned to his original position: “Don’t bother, I’ll come out myself.”

“It’s alright to hurt me, but it’s not good to hurt the flowers and plants, the big fish and the small fish in the water.”

“Little man, you are full of big words.” Hearing Han Qianqian’s words, Qing Luan laughed coldly, then looked at Blue Eider: “The best way to make a person shut up is to have more poisonous beatings.”

“The best way to make a person fear is to let him know the horror of death.”

“Over to you.”


A loud muffled sound suddenly rang out throughout the space, shaking eardrums and making heads spin, even the ground trembled.

sh*t, this guy, is he really that sick? Just a random whisper was like a f*cking thunderbolt from the sky.

“Come on, you’d better come harder. They say that the nine daughters of the phoenix are all of extraordinary ability, but I see that they are just like that, no wonder the dragon has crushed the phoenix for thousands of years.” Han Qianqian said with disdain as he braced himself for the shock in his heart.

As a matter of fact, upon hearing this, Qing Luan was furious: “You are full of nonsense, you are really annoying.”

“Blue Eider, don’t be polite, teach this fellow who doesn’t know how high the sky is a lesson to me.”


The blue eider instantly took orders, and the next second his body suddenly sped up in frequency, returning his eyes to the top of the cave like blue clouds walking everywhere.

Han Qianqian could clearly feel the pressure in the cave rising wildly, and he knew that this fellow, like Qing Luan, was utterly and completely enraged by himself.

“Oh, what I said was just the truth. In the human world you’ve heard of dragon slaying warriors, but have you ever heard of phoenix killing warriors? Everyone regards killing dragons as the supreme glory, although this is a bit hurtful to say, oh no, hurtful to phoenixes, but it is the truth.”

“b*****d!” Qing Luan shouted angrily, “How can a phoenix be worse than a dragon? How many dragons have died at the hands of that roc, who loves dragon meat? What’s a dragon?”

“What you said is just an isolated case, the probability is that the dragon and the phoenix are always the same, the dragon in front and the phoenix at the back, look at those statues, the dragon is on top and you are at the bottom.” Han Qianqian still spoke without surprise, and continued to speak eloquently.

“You b*****d, you really deserve to die, and you should know that Buddha also has fire, Blue Eider, I take back what I just said, for such a treacherous person, it is not just as simple as to teach a lesson.”

“I want him dead!”

As soon as the words fell, the blue eider at the top of the cave moved even more rapidly, and the pressure was almost so strong that it was extremely difficult to even breathe, but it was so inadvertently that Han Qianqian revealed a faint smile ……