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His Destined Path Chapter 3027


Even the sandstone ground began to tremble slightly, and the eardrums were filled with a buzzing sound.

Han Qianqian knew clearly that the giant blue eider was already at its strongest stage of power accumulation, and the next strike could almost be imagined with one’s feet, and it was bound to overwhelm the sea.

As he thought of this, Han Qianqian’s throat became sweet and the immense pressure caused a mouthful of fresh blood to flow down his throat.

However, there was no trace of pain or fear on Han Qianqian’s face, on the contrary, his entire person was in a state of complete excitement, as if this guy had actually been waiting for this scene for an extremely long time.

“It’s time to come, right?” Han Qianqian smiled vaguely, then looked at Blue Eider and said in a cold voice: “Is this your strongest strength? It’s quite strong, but it’s not even close to the Demon Dragon I faced last time.”

“I told you, a phoenix is a phoenix and a dragon is a dragon, how can they be the same?”

Hearing these words, the blue eider raised its wings fiercely, and steeply, the water swam and moved, and the kind of gravity that could roll away everything earlier struck again.

“Whether it will work or not depends on this one.” Han Qianqian clenched his teeth, even though his mouth was full of provocation, in reality Han Qianqian was more serious than anyone else.

With Han Qianqian’s personality, how could he be so hasty when a great enemy was at hand.

Everything he did was for the sake of a game.

The blue eider was too strong, and he was in the water, completely above his home turf, so Han Qianqian thought he was no match for him. That is why Han Qianqian had a countermeasure in the earth with the piercing beetle.

The reason why a surprise attack is strange is because it comes unexpectedly and suddenly, so that the opponent’s hands are busy and his feet are confused, but if it comes a second time, it is a real attack, and the effect of the surprise attack is not only gone, but he will even encounter difficulties.

Therefore, Han Qianqian did not think that he could make him suffer under the blue eider, week after week, and could only play a surprise move.

This was Han Qianqian’s fundamental intention to stimulate them, to make them furious, and even to show no mercy to themselves for the sake of face. Only under such circumstances would their attacks be reckless, and only if they were reckless would they not calmly keep a backhand from being surprised by themselves.

Right now, the ability to carry this attack is both an important part of paralysing the other side in this matter and the key to the success or failure of everything.

It was a matter of success or failure.

He used all the true energy in his body and poured it directly into his legs, his whole body was stuck in a horse stance, like a crouching Buddha, stuck in place.

No matter how big the waves were, Han Qianqian remained firmly planted.

He had no idea, but was content to stay in place. Therefore, even though the blue eider created a big wave, Han Qianqian was at a slight disadvantage against him, but at least he was able to hold his position like a seaweed under the tug.

Han Qianqian held his head up with difficulty, gritting his teeth.

To his despair, the wave was still there, but to his delight, the blue eider had its wings full and was about to swoop in.

This meant that Han Qianqian’s perseverance had won out.


With a roar of rage, his teeth gritted so hard that even his gums bled from the excessive force, and his entire mouth was filled with a fishy taste.

Han Qianqian’s entire person was a million times more hideous and in pain.

“Come on.” With a cold cry, the sound struck the air with a domineering aura.

The next moment, the blue eider also let out a loud roar from its mouth, and the next moment, with a wave of its wings, the long wave that was drawn up was fiercely pressed down with an aura that destroyed heaven and earth.

The earth cracked, dust and sand rose in all directions, Han Qianqian’s entire body barely had any time to reflect before his legs hit the ground heavily, and the tremendous pressure caused blood to flow from his mouth like water.

“Now …… is the time!” Han Qianqian blood spurted wildly, but at this time, still slowly moved ……