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His Destined Path Chapter 3028

Chapter 3028

Looking at the faintly glowing Five Elements Divine Stone, Han Qianqian smiled miserably and firmly: “Next, it’s time for you and me to perform.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Han Qianqian roared, and the Five Elements divine Stone fiercely glowed with the mark of the divine face pearl, followed by a wave of water energy that slowly wrapped Han Qianqian directly.

From a distance, Han Qianqian looked as if he had overlapped with a human-shaped circle of water.

Since he couldn’t fight it, he would join it.

As the water flowed around Han Qianqian’s body, not to mention, the previously incomparable pressure, after the water circle came together, that incomparably powerful pressure suddenly did not dare to say completely disappeared, but compared to the pain of just now, it was now at least several times less.

The next second, Han Qianqian accelerated, like a fish against the current, directly towards the blue eider.

Like a carp in water, small but full of impetus, it followed the pressure of the current and turned upwards in a smooth circle.

“What!” Qing Luan was clearly stunned, having thought of ten thousand possibilities of what Han Qianqian could do next, but only one such did not exist.

“How did he break through such a huge gravitational pressure?”

Suddenly, just as Qing Luan was unusually confused, she suddenly keenly noticed that at this moment, after circling around a few times, Han Qianqian violently and suddenly charged directly towards the Blue Eider in mid-air, and she immediately shouted urgently, “Blue Eider, be careful!”


The huge blue eider heard the sound and roared softly as its body slowly moved, aiming at the direction of Han Qianqian’s attack and about to launch a defence.

Qing Luan’s face suddenly turned cold as Han Qianqian suddenly appeared at the back of the blue eider, while the figure that had appeared in front of the blue eider had already vanished: “Oh no, it’s a fake.”

But the Blue Eider’s huge body was so huge that it was difficult to turn around at this time.

It seemed to be a provocation, but it also seemed to be an oath.

The Blue Luan looked at Han Qianqian with a deadly stare, less worried and more angry.

How could a mere mortal dare to look at himself with such eyes, and even dare to treat the blue eider with such recklessness, as if he was born as a master, judging the world.

What was he under the Phoenix?

In front of the Blue Eider, even if he is allowed to attack, what is the point?

Could he have broken through the Blue Eider’s pressure with his ebullient flow?

That’s nothing!

Qing Luan laughed coldly and looked at Han Qianqian, saying, “How dare you look at me like that, you really think you’ve won?”

Han Qianqian laughed, “According to the size and shape of the Blue Eider, he has just turned around to look for my false shadow, and now he wants to turn back immediately to defend again, the time needed is about seven seconds, seven seconds is more than enough for a mortal, let alone me.”

“What’s wrong with leaving some time to see the legendary Qing Luan, the most otherworldly of the Phoenix clan?”

“As for what you said about winning?” Han Qianqian smiled, and although he didn’t show any contempt, to Qing Luan, his taciturn and confident appearance was the greatest blasphemy of all.

Qing Luan suppressed the anger in her heart and waited for Han Qianqian’s next words.

“I don’t dare to say that I will win 100%, but at least, I should be undefeated.”

“b*****d, you are full of nonsense, just because you just dodged the blue eider’s heavy pressure? Or did you just deceive him and me, come up with a sound bite, and now you’ve managed to stand in the sneak attack position?” Qing Luan looked at Han Qianqian with both anger and amusement.

Han Qianqian let out a bitter laugh, but, without waiting for him to speak, Qing Luan was already laughing coldly again, “Even if you had avoided the heavy pressure, so what? It’s just a trick of stealing a chicken and a dog, can you stand up to it?”

Han Qianqian shook his head.

Seeing this, Qing Luan suddenly laughed coldly: “Since this is the case, where do you get your confidence? And do …… heh, you don’t want to tell me that you think that you can sneak in and seriously injure Blue Eider with a single strike?”

“Hahahahaha, with the size of your mole, let alone sneak attacking one move, even if you sneak attacked you ten moves, what could you do?”

“Even the shattering of a mountain rock can be compared to the body of a tarzan?”

Hearing Qing Luan’s loud laugh, Han Qianqian laughed and shook his head, “Then have you ever heard that even though a mole may be small, it can shake an elephant?”