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His Destined Path Chapter 3035

Chapter 3035

“According to the rules of my phoenix clan, the daughter of a true-life phoenix then contains the power of the phoenix within her body.” The golden-bodied beauty said.

“That is Xia Wei, is it?” Han Qianqian said.

The golden-bodied beauty did not answer immediately, shook her head and sighed, “In the land of the innate heavens, there was originally one dragon and one phoenix, and the dragon had nine sons, while the phoenix also had nine sons.”

“The nine sons of the dragon are all extraordinary and have brought hundreds of blessings to mankind. My nine sons, on the other hand, are wise, but there are also evil ones who have committed heinous crimes.”

“As their mother, I am ashamed to be between heaven and earth, and therefore, I have no face to face the people of the world. I did not bear to kill my son to do justice to him, so I used my body to mend the people of the world and died in the realm of transformation to pay for my son’s sins.”

“But the nine sons still have kind sons who have found various things in heaven and earth to live the blood of my phoenix.”

“The golden phoenix is even incarnated as the Phoenix clan, continuing the Phoenix incense, decaying through prosperity and then exhaustion, proposing to create the most essential flesh of the Phoenix clan for my nirvana rebirth.”

“Xia Wei, is the last essence of the Phoenix clan.”

Han Qianqian nodded, this was almost exactly the same as his own previous guesses with the piercing beetle.

“I see, Xia Wei and her descendants are the beginning of a new era for the Phoenix clan, right?” Han Qianqian asked.

The golden-bodied beauty nodded naturally, “Exactly.”

“So, those trials are the qualifications to become Xia Wei’s mate, or rather, the hard requirement to breed the newborn Phoenix.”

“If you raise but do not teach, it is the fault of the parents, and if the nine sons sin and fail, the mother has a fault and so does the father. Therefore, the key to the newborn, the mother’s need to be refined out, while the father should be chosen by a thousand since.”

“So, you just said Han three thousand pa*sed, that is to say ……” the piercing armor also at this time finally listened to understand, then, he looked at Han three thousand in amazement: “Bullish ah brother, holy sh*t, even this kind of trial has pa*sed. ”

The golden-bodied beauty smiled gently: “After Xia Ran tried to find out that you could read the heart of the golden phoenix, he had already pa*sed the Water Moon Cave, pa*sed the Burning Sacrifice Heaven, and set up the Water Moon Trial. According to the original rules, if you could break three phoenixes in a row you would have already met the requirements for pa*sing the test, but, seeing your skills, I couldn’t help but try some more and was exceptionally satisfied with the ending.”

“I was even pleased.”

“When you come back from the dead, there must be great fortune, and three thousand, you are the great fortune of my Phoenix clan.”

“When you and Xia Wei are united, that will be the day I descend, then you will be the new end of my newborn Phoenix clan, you will be the king of all phoenixes, and Xia Wei will be the queen of all phoenixes, and the power of the Phoenix will be reopened because of you.”

“Holy sh*t, Han Qianqian, bully.” The pangolin shouted excitedly.

“One thing I need to tell you is that the Phoenix Power that you tried in advance in the party is just some imprints in my residual Yuan Shen, not the real peak state of Phoenix Power, moreover, there are many, many unknown secrets of the Phoenix Power, it is just a pity that there is only a trace of my Yuan Shen in this formation, the residual time is limited, so I cannot exhaust them all for you. ”

“However, when you are brought together, after you possess the Phoenix Power, you can peer into the Phoenix’s mysteries from the Heart of the Golden Phoenix, and everything will slowly become clear, and you will know more deeply how powerful the true Phoenix Power is, and how well it fits with your own two great powers.”

“Heaven’s destiny favours my Phoenix clan, such a strange son.”

“Heaven’s destiny favours you such a wondrous son, leaving you with the Phoenix Power.”

Saying that, the golden-bodied beauty smiled gently, looking at Han Qianqian with eyes filled with doting love.

Perhaps, she had missed out on choosing a human to raise her son back then, but this time, when faced with the crucial rebirth of the Phoenix clan’s nirvana, she had finally chosen an answer that would allow her to never be wrong again.

“Senior’s kindness, I appreciate it, but I don’t …… have any,” Han Qianqian was about to explain clearly, but as he spoke, he had already seen the golden beauty gradually dissipate in streams of light and evaporate in thin air.

Only the last of the afterglow was left behind, slowly floating in the air.

When the light returned, the two of them were still in the cave they had entered, but the ten statues were nowhere to be seen, nor was the moon at the top of the cave.

Han Qianqian was depressed that he would not marry anyone other than Su Yingxia, but before he could finish his sentence, the golden body of the initial phoenix had already disappeared.

Unlike Han Qianqian, the piercing beetle was already happy as if he was the groom.

And almost also at this time, the surrounding water once again began to turn ……