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His Destined Path Chapter 3036

Chapter 3036

As the water flowed, a faint buoyancy lifted the two men, slowly rising all the way up.

In just a few moments, the two of them had floated to the surface of the water and were surrounded by a peachy landscape. When they looked back again, the pool under their feet was still the same, except that the bottom was clear and visible, the water was thin and shallow, and although the moon above their heads was still bright, it was no longer full, but only shone lightly over the whole “earth.

In the hall, the candlelight was already bright, and much more transparent than before the water had entered.

In front of the door, there were two more red lanterns hanging high in the air, adding a different atmosphere.

“What is this?” Han Qianqian frowned and said in a strange way.

The mountain-people shook their heads, “Is it possible that there are new guests in the Peach Source?”

The total number of people was less than four, and the light inside the hall was already enough earlier, making it so half, indeed this possibility was very high.

As the two of them were dazed, the sound of footsteps rang out, and the two of them looked up to see Xia Ran, dressed in a golden crown, slowly walking out of the temple: “The moon is cold and the sky is cold, how long are you two planning to stay on the water?”

Only then did the two of them reflect and look at each other, hurriedly lifting their steps and walking towards the temple.

“Wow, what’s going on here?”

Once inside the hall, the two of them were as jaw-dropped as village people entering a city, and the pierced mountain beetle even let out a gasp from the bottom of his lungs.

In the middle of the hall, the shimmering gold light was bright and the various colours of nice decorations were hung all around at this time, the original benches in the room were also replaced with green and white jade chairs, and above the central hall, two golden chairs were particularly striking, and a phoenix statue was placed on the shrine behind the chairs.

Xia Ran stood in front of the phoenix statue, in the golden chair, with his back to Han Qianqian and the others, not knowing what he was reciting to that statue.

The two looked at each other and did not dare to go forward to disturb them, standing quietly in the hall waiting for Xia Ran to finish his work.

Xia Ran seemed to be praying something, whispering incessantly, and it was hard to hear clearly.

A few moments later, she turned around, looked at Han Qianqian and Pierced Mountain Armour and smiled, “Two, thank you for your hard work.”

Without waiting for the two to say anything, she raised her hand slightly, followed by a flash of golden light, and the next second the green and white jade chairs on either side shivered slightly and slowly moved backwards.

When the jade chairs moved away, a hole could be seen beneath them where they had been.

With a buzzing sound inside the hole, a box slowly rose out from the bottom of the hole.

The boxes were made of pure mahogany, with gold inlays on the outside, and were large and exquisite.

Han Qianqian roughly counted the twelve boxes.

As Xia Ran raised his hand again, with a bang, the twelve chests were opened in tandem, and the whole hall became even brighter.

However, it was not bright, but a great flash of golden light and silver glitter.

The twelve chests were opened and contained all kinds of rare treasures, although many of them had never been seen by the two men, they could already tell from the colour alone that they were extraordinary.

The pangolin’s eyes went straight and his mouth watered as he watched.

The three thousand people of Han were also a bit dumbfounded and looked at Xia Ran in disbelief, what is this?

“The first box is the Phoenix Treasures, a collection of treasures collected by the Phoenix Clan for thousands of years, a total of twenty-eight pieces, each of which is worth a great deal of money.”

“The second box is the secret treasure of peach, the essence of peach collected in the source of peach for many years, and the essence of wood, the essence of peach can be used as a material for taste and for making medicine, while the essence of wood can be used as a material for solid work and for making weapons.”

“The third and fourth boxes are books of wonders and magic, all of which are the lifelong learning of my Phoenix clan members or those of my own destiny, or those who are son-in-law of foreigners.”

“The fifth and sixth are all kinds of immortal pills, either for saving lives or for increasing cultivation.”

“The seventh and eighth are immortal martial divine weapons, which are likewise treasured by the Phoenix clan for thousands and thousands of years.”

“As for the other four boxes, there are all kinds of things, although they are messy, there is no lack of some rare items, so let’s sell the story here for now, wait for your own taste.” Xia Ran chuckled softly.

Hearing this, the pangolin obviously froze, and then looked strangely at Xia Ran: “Wait …… wait a minute, what did you just say? What you mean is ……”

“These things that are …… being given to us?”

Xia Ran smiled gently and replied, “Exactly.”

The pangolin staggered having a retreat, panicked towards Han Qianqian and said, “Help …… hold me for a moment.”

Then the whole person’s eyes stared in disbelief ……