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His Destined Path Chapter 3037

Chapter 3037

“Fat …… rich ah, I …… f*ck.” Because of the excitement, at this time, the piercing beetle can not help but body trembling, hand picking Han Qianqian’s clothes, said softly.

To say shocked, how could Han Qianqian not be shocked?

It could even be said that the treasures that Han Qianqian had scavenged from the Four Dragons at the time were nothing compared to these twelve boxes.

Four words could best explain the wealth of these items.

However, astonishment is astonishing, but Han Qianqian slightly steadied his mind and looked at Xia Ran: “The so-called no merit, these things ……”

“It’s Xia Wei’s dowry.” Xia Ran laughed softly, “You have pa*sed the Water Moon Cave Heaven trial, which means that you have received the approval of the Phoenix Ancestor.”

“Plus Xia Wei is also fond of you, so ……”

“sh*t, you’re bullying big time.” Hearing Xia Ran’s words, the piercing beetle immediately excited beyond measure pulled Han Qianqian sharply and said, “The Phoenix power that is strong beyond measure, the very best Phoenix daughter, not only has a good figure and good looks, but even that good ……”

“Moreover, there are so many precious and exotic treasures, his grandmother, you can say invincible in the future, who f*cking dares to say otherwise?”

“sh*t, the pinnacle of life, but heck so.”

Indeed, as a man, to be able to marry the world’s best girl while at the same time sitting on power and wealth can be described as really flying up the branch and becoming a phoenix.

For anyone who has been through life and death, isn’t this what they want?

But for Han Qianqian, he could only gently and helplessly shake his head: “If this is a dowry, then, I’m sorry that Qianqian is not blessed to accept it.”

When these words came out, the piercing beetle was directly dumbfounded, and Xia Ran even stared at Han Qianqian with wide eyes, “What are you saying?”

“Three thousand years ago, my heart was already in the right place, although my career is not yet complete, my home is already here.” Han Qianqian replied.

Xia Ran frowned, “You are already married?”


Xia Ran was silent for a moment, then looked up at Han Qianqian, “It’s a pity, but it’s normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines, especially for someone as talented as you.

The man in shining armour hurriedly tugged at Han Qianqian’s clothes and said softly, “sh*t, she doesn’t mind.”

“But I do.” Han Qianqian suddenly said in a proper voice, then he looked at Xia Wei and said, “Maybe other people may have three wives and four concubines, but in Han Qianqian’s heart, there will always be only Su Yingxia, and he will never get entangled with any woman again.”

“Han Qianqian!” Xia Ran shouted coldly, anger already building up on her pretty face, “Don’t go too far.”

“When did my Phoenix clan ever take the initiative to propose marriage in person? When has my clan’s wealth ever been used as a dowry? When have we ever allowed a man to have three wives and four concubines?” Xia Ran asked in an angry voice.

Obviously, she had already made enough concessions, but Han Qianqian still refused to let go, making her quite angry.

The man in shining armour also tugged at Han Qianqian’s clothes, telling him to just get over it, that such a good thing would do Han Jianqian no harm, so why be so rigid and heartless?

“Sorry, Sister Xia Ran, my intention has already been rejected.” Han Three Thousand remained firm in his attitude and did not say a word without humility.

“You !!!!” Xia Ran was furious and raised her hand to point at Han Qianqian: “Say it again!”

“Even if a thousand times, Han Qianqian is the same attitude, in this life there is only my wife, there will certainly not be any other woman possible.” After Han Qianqian finished speaking, he made a slight bow and said, “Miss Xia Wei is beautiful, with her looks, even if she is not allowed to marry anyone, there are still plenty of talented people coming to her door.

With these words, Han Qianqian turned around and was about to leave.

Only two steps later, Xia Ran shouted coldly behind her, “Han Qianqian, stop right there.”

Han Qianqian stood up slightly.

Xia Ran shouted coldly, “Do you really treat my Phoenix clan as wild cats and wild dogs? If you say you don’t want it, then you don’t want it?”

“Han Qianqian, don’t blame me for not telling you beforehand, if you dare to take another step forward, you will regret it.”

The coldness of his voice and the harshness of his words made people feel full of gunpowder.

However, at this moment, Han Qianqian still steadily took another step ……