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His Destined Path Chapter 3039

Chapter 3039

Han Qianqian’s body moved slightly, and in the midst of Xia Ran’s incomparably shocked eyes, he slowly, and with unusual difficulty, stood up again.

Immediately afterwards, he struggled to lift his feet and tried to walk forward again.

Xia Ran’s eyes widened as he looked at the man’s back, just asking him to marry his sister, not forcing him to kill someone, why would he do that?

And, even if it was, was it so hard to lower your head?!


Han Qianqian stepped out again, but only took one step, but the blood in his mouth had already dripped down to the ground, looking at the pools of blood, even Xia Ran himself was a bit intolerant at this moment, not to mention the piercing beetle watching next to him.

It’s not that he didn’t understand that Han Qianqian was deeply in love with Su Yingxia, but what he was considering was all from Han Qianqian’s standpoint, but I’m afraid he could never have imagined that the man in front of him would be so deeply in love.


Another step.

The sound of the footstep was not too heavy, but it hit the hearts of the two people present with a muffled sound.

Xia Ran looked at Han Qianqian with uncertainty, and the next second, biting her lips lightly, her hands lifted slightly.

Han Qianqian was determined, but didn’t she have a stand of her own?

The golden light coalesced!

The mountain beetle has long been caught up in the grief and shock of Han Qianqian’s side, and did not even notice that Xia Ran’s hands were moving again at this time, and a golden light was already attacking Han Qianqian violently.

The golden light was getting closer and closer to Han Qianqian, and in Han Qianqian’s current state, if he was hit by this move, his situation would be extremely dangerous.

When the beetle noticed it, the golden light was already getting closer and closer, and it seemed extremely difficult to stop it.

Almost at the same time, the golden light exploded with a muffled thud.

“Three thousand!” The piercing beetle hurriedly looked at Han Qianqian, and his entire body was suddenly dumbfounded.

And almost at the same time, Xia Ran, who was standing over there, also staggered and took several steps back, his entire body filled with incredulity.

Because at this moment, behind Han Qianqian, where the golden light exploded, it was not on Han Qianqian’s back, but on a person’s body.

The corners of her mouth were bleeding like water, and her delicate face was filled with pallor and pain, and her charming eyes were filled with tears as she looked faintly at Xia Ran.

This person, no other than Xia Wei.

When the golden light was about to hit Han Qianqian, she could no longer hold back and rushed out to present herself to defend Han Qianqian from this almost fatal blow.

“Xia Wei.” Xia Ran froze and then awoke for a moment, full of anxiety and incomparably distressed, he rushed over quickly, holding his sister in his arms and looking at her pale face, feeling guilty for a moment.

“Why did you come here, shouldn’t you be in your room ……”

With tears in her eyes, Xia Wei shook her head, interrupting Xia Ran’s words, barely wearing a smile: “Because …… because my sister wants to get married.”

Hearing these words, Xia Ran could no longer hold back the tears in her eyes.

Before entering the Water Moon Cave, she already knew what was on her sister’s mind when she returned from the Peach Forest, and after the two sisters discussed it, she let her wait in her room for news of the trial, leaving everything else to herself to take care of.

It was thought that this girl really liked Han Qianqian, so she had long been desperate to know the news between them, so she quietly came to the main hall to eavesdrop.

But unexpectedly, what she heard were those answers that I’m afraid would break her heart, right?

“You silly girl.”

Xia Wei withdrew her smile and coughed slightly, only for more blood to flow, but she still forced herself to endure the unpleasantness and looked at Xia Ran, saying; “Sister, can you promise me a request?”

Xia Ran closed her eyes sadly, nodded her head and shook it again, the two sisters had lived together for many years, how could she not know what this girl wanted to say and ask at this moment?

Xia Ran gritted her teeth and looked angrily at Han Qianqian, her eyes full of murderous energy: “Han Qianqian, you have caused my sister such harm, I will not be a man if I don’t take your life!”

With these words, Xia Ran fiercely stood up and flipped out his palm, directly slapping it.

And at this time, Han Qianqian made a mind-boggling move ……