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His Destined Path Chapter 3040

Chapter 3040

He raised his hand slightly, indicating that Xia Ran did not need to rush. Immediately afterwards, he gritted his teeth to endure the pain and turned around, looking at Xia Ran and then at Xia Wei who was lying in his arms.

If the end of not betraying Su Yingxia was death, Han Qianqian would not have hesitated at all.

However, it was not Han Qianqian’s expectation that Xia Wei would stand in her place, and her words about wanting to marry were heartbreaking.

Even though Qingben’s intention could only be like a falling leaf, Han Qianqian still felt a lot of pain and guilt for this silly girl.

Patting his chest, Han Qianqian said coldly, “If you want to take revenge, come here.”

Looking at Han Qianqian’s resolute eyes, Xia Ran faintly froze, apparently she had never met anyone who would act like this before.

“Good, count on you to have some conscience, since that’s the case, I’ll give you a painful time!”

With those words, Xia Ran raised her palm again, and golden light reappeared on the spot.

“Sister, don’t!”

At that moment, a soft cry came, and when Han Qianqian and Xia Ran looked back at the same time, they saw Xia Wei slowly standing up with difficulty, then blocking in front of Xia Ran, opening her hands wide and protecting Han Qianqian behind her to death.

“Xia Wei!” Seeing his sister like this, Xia Ran was angry and shouted coldly.

“I’m taking it out for you, and you’re fighting against me?”

“Sister, Xia Wei has never been angry with big brother Qianqian, only love.” Xia Wei looked at Xia Ran and said firmly.

“Xia Wei, are you out of your mind? Didn’t you, didn’t you hear what he just said? He won’t marry you! If that’s the case, why do you need to protect him anymore.” Xia Ran said angrily.

“I know.” It seemed that her sister was angry, plus her words had touched something that hurt the most in her heart at this moment, and she broke down emotionally on the spot and cried out in pain, “But, sister, liking someone, you don’t necessarily need the other person to like you in order to call it liking, right?”

“You!!!” Xia Ran was so angry that her body trembled on the spot, and there was nothing she could do to refute Xia Wei’s words. But how could she let go of Han Qianqian due to the pride and dignity, and even hope, of the Phoenix clan?

“This matter is not negotiable, since Han Qianqian is the chosen one of my Phoenix Clan, he will either be a member of the Phoenix Clan or he will have to die, so get out of my way.”

“Good, if sister has to kill big brother three thousand, then, first step over Xia Wei’s corpse.” As soon as the words left her mouth, Xia Wei simply closed her eyes and waited for Xia Ran to make her move.

Xia Ran’s hands were raised in the air, and at this moment, she couldn’t help but start to tremble, this was her own sister since she was a child, and the two of them were dependent on each other and had deep feelings for each other, how could she do this?

Since she was a child, she could not even scold her own sister, let alone ……

The two of them are very close to each other, and they are very close to each other.

A few moments later, she took a deep breath, slowly withdrew her hand, looked at Xia Wei and sighed helplessly: “You silly girl, what are you suffering from?”

“Even if I don’t kill him and he doesn’t want to marry you, with his Seal of the Earth situation, what can he do? It is only the difference between dying by my hand and dying by the hand of another, you are really confused.”

Hearing her sister’s words, Xia Wei gently glanced back at Han Qianqian, lowered her head, and was speechless for a moment.

It was true that the demon race was so dangerous and there were so many bad people, if Han Qianqian could not use his magic power, then what was the difference between walking among them and walking on the edge of a sword?

In the land of the demons, it’s not like they won’t mess with you if you don’t mess with them.

Han Qianqian’s guidance had shown her that Han Qianqian must be very powerful, and the trials of the Phoenix clan had also proved to her that it was a pity to let such a powerful person live his life or even die.

Especially when the guy who died was the man of her dreams.

Thinking of this, she looked blearily at her sister with her head, and with her eyes seemed to suggest to her sister to use another method.

Although she did not say anything, but to this sister whom she had been spending time with, Xia Ran frowned at once.

“Sister, unless ……” Seeing that her sister seemed to understand what she meant, Xia Wei lowered her head and whispered testily.

But just as the words fell, Xia Ran’s face went cold: “Xia Wei, are you crazy?”