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His Destined Path Chapter 3044

Chapter 3044

But in the blink of an eye, the figure was already walking farther and farther away, so the mountain beetle couldn’t care less and cleared the snow and ice off Han Qianqian’s body, then got up and put Han Qianqian on his back and went after the figure.

Only a few moments later, the two of them, walking and carrying each other, bypa*sed the hall and came to the courtyard behind it.

On the side of the courtyard was a locked and unusual room, as if it had been specially built, in a style unlike any other room, almost entirely made of a kind of stone.

The lock was opened and the two men entered the room, one after the other.

The room was strangely decorated, with a huge stone bed in the centre, flanked by row after row of stone cases on each side, each with three tiers, on which were neatly placed various types of vases with thin mouths and large bellies, with red cloths for stoppers.

“Put them up.” The figure walked over to the case compartment on the left, seeming to be looking for something, and ordered.

The pierced beetle froze for a moment, but still nodded and placed Han Qianqian on top of the stone bed.

“Go make a fire.”

“Huh?” The piercing mountain beetle didn’t reflect at all for a moment, what was the purpose of making a fire?

Seeing that Piercing Mountain Armour did not move, she turned back slightly and skimmed at Piercing Mountain Armour out of the corner of her eye, “Do you want him to really freeze to death alive?”

When she heard this, she looked back and saw that there was a fire opening under the stone bed and some peach wood piled up next to it.

In the middle of the fire, a few anxious footsteps sounded, and when she looked back at the door, Xia Wei had already rushed to the door and looked at Han Qianqian lying on the bed, so she came over with great anxiety.

First, she touched the stone bed and then Han Qianqian’s hand, then she squatted down next to the pierced mountain beetle and slightly pushed it away, throwing more firewood into the fire opening anxiously by herself.

As more firewood was added, the fire grew hotter and hotter, and only then did she get up and close the door of the room tightly before turning back, looking anxiously at the figure beside the case frame and saying, “Sister.”

“Life and death are destiny, wealth and prosperity are in heaven.” Who else could that figure be but Xia Ran?

At this moment she picked up a small blue-flowered vial on the case grid, slowly walked over to Han Qianqian’s side, poured out a small white pill from the vial, and was about to put it into Han Qianqian’s mouth.

As if she could see what the Wearing Mountain Vest was doing, Xia Ran said in a cold voice, “Don’t worry, it won’t kill him.”

The mountain vest looked at Han Qianqian worriedly, and continued to add firewood to his hand.

Xia Ran raised his hand, slightly in the air, as if sensing the temperature in the room, “Bigger, use the true qi to push.”

Without any further ado, when he moved his hand, the true energy continued to be added to the fire, and suddenly, the fire instantly became several times fiercer.

The temperature of the entire room began to rise significantly, and with a slight touch of his hand on the stone bed, he could also feel the temperature of the stone bed had climbed higher and was somewhat warmer.

Xia Ran nodded, and with a golden light in his hand, a golden circle covered the entire stone bed directly.

As the golden light covered the bed, the temperature inside began to rise rapidly, and the frozen snow on Han Qianqian’s body began to melt gradually, with some of the areas with less ice and snow even melting completely and Han Qianqian’s skin already visible.

The only thing that surprised and amazed the mountain armor was that Han Qianqian’s skin was not as pale and bruised as the one he had previously relieved her of, now Han Qianqian’s skin had a faint colour of blood, although it was very faint, but at least it was not a*sociated with a dead person in any way.

This at least gave the pangolin some peace of mind.

Xia Wei looked up at Xia Ran nervously, obviously concerned about Han Qianqian’s well-being as well.

Xia Ran took a faint breath, “I can’t give you an answer now, I just hope that the snow will do the trick this time, as for the rest, it depends on his fate.”

“Sister.” Xia Wei was a little anxious.

“I’m already making a big concession by promising you a hand, I didn’t say that I would definitely be able to save him.” Xia Ran said in a cold voice.

“Wait a minute.” At this moment, the piercing beetle stood up with a bang and looked at Xia Ran, he understood: “What did you just say? You mean that the heavy snowfall last night was not due to the weather, but ……”

Xia Ran didn’t answer, but not answering yet was clearly the best answer already.

It turned out that the snow ……

The piercing beetle is both shocked and angry, not a natural disaster, but man-made!!!

“What exactly do you mean?”