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His Destined Path Chapter 3045

Chapter 3045

Looking at the puzzled and angry pangolin, Xia Wei was just about to open her mouth to explain, but she heard that Xia Ran had already spoken coldly, “Have you ever cooked?”

The Mountain Piercing Armor frowned, what kind of mindless question was that, he was asking about the snow, what was she doing asking this all of a sudden?

However, not knowing what medicine was being sold in the other party’s gourd, Pierced Mountain Armor nodded although he did not answer.

“Do you know what happens when the rice is almost cooked, and then there is a big fire, and then suddenly there is no fire, and then a big fire?” She asked.

The pierced beetle shook his head, he really didn’t know, because he couldn’t cook at all, some simple baking things were still following Han Qianqian’s example, and the results after practicing down already didn’t need to be said.

Xia Ran sneered softly: “Too much change in the fire, even the best rice will be cooked into a paste by you. Why are you still standing there? Why don’t you hold your fire properly?”

When he was scolded by Xia Ran, the piercing beetle was depressed, yet he could not retort, especially when he saw the look in Xia Ran’s eyes, for some reason, the piercing beetle completely lost the slightest momentum, lowered his head, silently re-calculated his true energy, and continued to burn his fire.

If he can save Han Qianqian, he can endure all of this.

When he saw that the pangolin was quiet, Xia Ran took a few steps back to the case compartment next to him and took out a few bottles that seemed to be mixing some kind of potion.

Xia Wei gently found a place to sit down, after blocking the blow for Han Qianqian, although last night after a simple treatment, but still not healed, only because too worried about Han Qianqian this is why rushed to come.

Seeing that her sister was working in an orderly manner, she finally took a break and took care of her uncomfortable body.

As time pa*sed, the temperature in the room had begun to rise, and Han Qianqian in the light shield was like pork that had been thawed in the fridge, slowly regaining the softness and basic colour of her body.

The pierced beetle wanted to call out to Xia Ran, but at that moment, Xia Ran had already turned back over, holding a few bottles in his hand, and quickly stepped over to the stone bed.

Then, with one hand, he pulled the light shield directly off Han Qianqian’s body, picked up a few bottles and kept pouring out medicine and feeding it into Han Qianqian’s mouth.

Two pills at a time, the piercing mountain beetle almost counted them specifically, not missing any of them, a total of forty-six pills, looking dumbfounded.

“What are you looking at?” Xia Ran glared at the piercing mountain beetle, but, nevertheless, opened his mouth, “He has the Seal of the Earth inside him, not only can he not luck himself, even if we want to luck to heal his wounds.”

“So, the only and best way is to use pills to heal him.”

“He’s badly injured, and he’s still dead set on walking with you for so long, his body has long been badly damaged, if we hadn’t used the ice and snow to freeze his body last night, he would have died of gas while you were still sleeping.”

“Expecting you men to take care of men, is there any chance?”

After entering the peach forest, he did notice that Han Qianqian did not look well, and he knew that Han Qianqian had been holding on hard, but he did not expect Han Qianqian to be hurt that badly, so he did have the intention but did not observe too much.

“So it’s snowing to freeze Han Qianqian’s injuries, I’m sorry, I just …… apologized,” said the mountain beetle, embarra*sed.

Although Xia Ran stopped the mountain piercing armor’s next words, however, his heart did at least ease up a lot: “No need to thank me, I don’t have any interest in your lives.”

“If you want to thank her, thank her.” Xia Ran glanced at Xia Wei who was sitting next to him, “If it wasn’t for her pestering me all night, I wouldn’t have had the time to take care of you guys.”

The piercing beetle turned its gaze towards Xia Wei and gave her a smile as a sign of gratitude, and Xia Wei responded with a smile as a response.

“These forty-six pills are almost all of the Phoenix Clan’s finest pills, the upper to be used as a way to strengthen the yuan and the lower to be used as a way to heal injuries, which will only do Han Qianqian good rather than harm.” Xia Wei explained.

The pierced beetle nodded in understanding, “Then if Han Qianqian eats these, will he be fine?”

Xia Wei wasn’t sure, and her gaze returned to her sister Xia Ran, who was the only one qualified to know whether Han Qianqian was alright or not.

Xia Ran had finished feeding the pills by now, and seeing Xia Wei’s gaze, she impatiently squeezed the second finger of her right hand and placed it on the pulse of Han Qianqian’s hand.

Just, this put, Xia Ran whole person frowned ……