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His Destined Path Chapter 3048

Chapter 3048

They searched for the room and knocked on the door for half a day, but there was no response from Xia Ran’s room.

Just as Han Qianqian and Pierced Mountain Armour were confused as to where Xia Ran had gone, Xia Wei turned around and rushed towards the row of houses on the west side of the backyard.

She then stopped in front of a house in the middle and did not knock on the door, but simply said in a soft voice, “Sister.”

There was no light inside the house, and if Xia Wei hadn’t walked here, Han Qianqian wouldn’t have thought there would be anyone inside.

“Come in.”

A bland response soon rang out from inside the house.

Xia Wei nodded gently and led Han Qianqian and the two of them to the door, then gently pushed the door, and with a creak of the wooden door, the scene inside the house was presented to several people.

Although the room was somewhat dim, the furnishings were vaguely visible.

A red cloth-covered divine case was placed on the hall, on which two stone elephants were enshrined, the centre in gold and the sides in silver, both standing like human beings, but with phoenixes on their heads and wings on their backs, looking straight ahead with an imposing presence.

On the left and right are also four elephants, each with a human head. Although they do not have a gold body or a silver body, they are beautifully carved and vivid and powerful.

Xia Ran was sitting on the kneeling carpet in front of the two divine elephants, her brows slightly frowned, as if she was thinking about something.

Seeing a few people enter, she slightly returned to her senses and said, “This is the ancestral hall of the Vermilion Bird clan, and all those worshipped are the ancestors of the Phoenix.”

Han Qianqian and Piercing Mountain Armor nodded at her words, the golden body was the initial phoenix, the silver body was the golden phoenix, and to the left and right were each of the other eight nestling phoenixes, which the two had seen in the Water Moon Cave Heaven and naturally knew, so they hurriedly bent down and paid homage towards the two golden body and silver body statues in the middle, and after that, they paid homage towards the elephants on either side.

“Sister, I ……”

Xia Wei just wanted to speak, but Xia Ran reached out but interrupted Xia Wei’s words, slightly raised his head and looked towards the statues of his ancestors: “I know what you want to ask.”

After saying that, Xia Ran’s hand moved, and in time, beside her feet, three copper coins appeared in a single line in front of everyone.


It looked like that, but if I had to say it was divination, it didn’t seem like it was anywhere, because the three coins were almost unbelievably standing up.

What kind of divination is this?

Xia Wei frowned: “The Heavenly Character One Line Gua?”

Xia Ran nodded, “That’s right.” Then, she smiled somewhat bitterly, “After the unexpected situation with Han Qianqian’s body, I rushed to the ancestral hall for divination, trying to get an explanation from my ancestors.”

“But ……”

After saying that, she shook her head with a sigh.

Xia Wei was mute, how could this be?!

“What does this trigram mean?” Han Qianqian frowned slightly, really couldn’t help the curiosity inside.

Xia Ran did not speak, glancing at Xia Wei, clearly signaling for her to explain, Xia Wei nodded, looked at Han Qianqian, and said, “The Phoenix Heaven and Earth Trigram is the Phoenix clan’s special trigram divination, able to know the fate of the heavens, able to predict the future, able to check the past, a total of sixty-four trigrams, the trigrams encompa*s everything.”

“The Heavenly Trigram is a special trigram that is in the Phoenix Heaven and Earth Trigram, but not in the sixty-four trigrams.”

“Being in the Phoenix Heaven and Earth trigram, but not in the sixty-four trigrams!” The piercing beast’s brow furrowed in wonder, “This is a bit too strange, isn’t it? And what does this trigram represent?”

“It represents ……,” Xia Wei said, glancing at her sister, seemingly unwilling to go on.

The two looked foolishly at Xia Ran again, who let out a long sigh, “How can I say what even my sister, who has always done as she pleases, is unable to say?”

“It’s better to talk about the issue of your injuries.” Xia Ran finished and looked at Han Qianqian, “Your Seal of the Earth has not really been lifted, it is only because some strange in the trigrams has allowed you to suppress it temporarily, this process will not last long, so if you think you are fine nowadays, then the Seal of the Earth that will come at any moment will most likely cost you your life.”

“The seal is not lifted?” The Impaler frowned.

Xia Ran nodded, “That’s right, so you don’t need to be too happy, it’s just that the art in the trigrams, I can’t talk to you in detail.”

After saying that, Xia Ran looked at Han Qianqian and opened his mouth, “But there are some words in the trigrams that I can tell you briefly, are you willing to listen?”

Without waiting for Han Qianqian to say anything, Xia Ran smiled bitterly to himself and said, “Although, I am not willing to tell you, but the meaning in the trigram is that it is difficult to disobey the order of heaven.”

Han Qianqian frowned, there were still words in the hanging?