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His Destined Path Chapter 3049

Chapter 3049

The first time I saw the film, I had a feeling that it was going to be a good idea to use the name of the trigram to make myself marry Xia Wei, right?

The first time he was bitten by a snake, he was afraid of the gra*s rope for ten years, Han Qianqian had to have a careful eye on this.

However, the secrets that the divination trigrams do not allow to be told, as well as the things that partly can be told again, really attract themselves deeply again.

Seeing Xia Ran looking at the pierced mountain beetle, Han Qianqian nodded, “He is my good brother, one of my own, and can be trusted.”

Xia Ran nodded, but did not say anything to Han Qianqian, instead, she turned her head to look at Xia Wei at the side, after walking over with a few soft steps, with a slight movement in her hand, a white token appeared in her hand, pulling up Xia Wei’s hand, she handed that white token to Xia Wei’s hand.

“Since we were young, our two sisters have lived and died together. You are lively by nature, simple and kind-hearted, and my sister must therefore take extra care of you.”

“However, although you and I are sisters, we are not of the same fate; your life and your fate should be from heaven and earth, and today is the moment when heaven and earth are separated.”

“From today onwards, this token, symbolizing the Phoenix Clan’s clan chief, I will formally hand over to your hands, and you will formally become the new clan chief of the Phoenix Clan, and the true owner of Peach’s Source in the future.”

Faced with this sudden situation, Xia Wei was obviously a little overwhelmed and shook her head desperately, “Sister, what are you doing? You’ve always taken care of Peach’s Source, are you angry with me?”

“Wei’er, one always has to grow up, and I’m sure you’re happy to do so, because this is about a lot of things that will happen to you next, you don’t have to rush to refuse.”

“Remember, the token is vital, not only does it symbolise the status of the Phoenix Clan, it also represents the entirety of the Peach Source and even the Phoenix Clan, so make sure you keep it safe.”

Then, she looked back at Han Qianqian and took a few steps to walk in front of Han Qianqian, and with another movement of her hand, a small red bottle appeared in her hand, “This is the Phoenix Heavenly Fire Pill, one of the most confidential pills of the Phoenix Clan, usually only in the hands of the Phoenix Clan Chief, containing nine pills. The remaining eight pills will be handed over to you.”

“Remember, although the Phoenix Heavenly Flame Pill can be used to obtain some of the power of the Phoenix for a short period of time, everything has its good points and bad points, and I have no way of knowing what side effects it will bring afterwards.

After saying this, she put it into Han Qianqian’s hand.

Then, without waiting for Han Qianqian’s consent, she took out another book and handed it to Han Qianqian: “This is the Phoenix Heart Sutra, a secret technique of the Phoenix Clan’s method of cultivating the Phoenix Power, I see that you have a method that can call for electricity to invoke fire, this Heart Sutra may be able to go further for the fire you invoke.”

“However, the method is profound and difficult to understand. The nine layers of the Heart Sutra have been pa*sed down from our ancestors, and the highest one only reaches six layers.

“Finally, there is this box.” Saying that, she took out something about the size of a palm-like jewellery box in her hand, “This is the Phoenix Blood Box.”

“From ancient times, the phoenix tribe has a saying that although the blood box is small, those who see it are often like a phoenix spreading its wings and startling the world with a single sound. However, the blood box is protected by a secret text, so if you open it rashly, it will be devoured by the blood box and you will not be allowed to die.”

“The only thing I can tell you is that the Heart of the Golden Phoenix might be helpful in opening the blood box.”

As soon as this was mentioned, Han Qianqian immediately remembered, and in his haste, he took out the Golden Phoenix Heart to return it to Xia Ran, he had never had the chance to return it to her after taking it before.

Xia Ran gently shook his head: “The master of things in this world is not whoever owns it, especially this spiritual thing, it is even more so if you understand it.”

“Since you are the only one who can see through it, then you should keep it with you and learn more about it, as the saying goes, there is an arrangement in the underworld, and there is a destiny in the underworld.”

Han Qianqian frowned: “But …… well, even if I accept the Heart of the Phoenix, then these things ……”

These are the Phoenix’s greatest treasures, how can Han Qianqian want them?

“These are not Xia Wei’s bride price, you and feel free to accept it, it works because the words in the trigrams complement some of the requests you made.”

“Huh?” Han Qianqian froze.