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His Destined Path Chapter 3052

Chapter 3052

Xia Ran knelt down on one knee in a humble and respectful manner, “Xia Ran has met Grandmother Patriarch.”

The light faded and a human face appeared from the central dot of light, although it was only a shadow of light, the features were exquisite and beautiful: “Get up, Ran’er, you have worked hard.”

“It’s all what Ran’er should do. By the way, Grandmother Patriarch, Han Qianqian has currently taken Wei’er and officially left.”

“You’ve done well.”

“Making the so-called Phoenix Trigram in the word Heavenly and tricking him with the trigram, all of these were just Grandma Patriarch’s schemes, Xia Ran was just acting as instructed, how dare he claim credit.” Xia Ran said in a soft voice.

“Even a good plan needs perfect acting skills to play out. This son of Han Qianqian is not only strong-willed, but also incredibly clever.

Xia Ran sighed and said, “Speaking of his strong will, this is indeed beyond Ran’er’s expectations.”

“When I knew that he had arrived near Peach Mountain, I deliberately used the reason to send Xia Wei out to Peach Source, and intentionally created danger for Xia Wei, so that they could get to know each other and make Xia Wei take a liking to him.”

“After that, I deliberately let the Black and White Furies reveal Xia Wei’s identity unintentionally, and gave Xia Wei a wound on her back, in order to give them a chance to get close to each other, but I didn’t know that Han Qianqian could endure it even though he was alone.

“The first plan was to force Xiawei into it if the first plan failed, because Xiawei values the chastity of the phoenix, and she should have had good intentions for Han Sanchuan earlier, so she would certainly use the changeless to urge each other. The second step of the plan is to get her into the Peach Source.”

“The use of peach source of various treasures, more use of the Phoenix daughter of various benefits, including the temptation to unseal his earth, and even, also in the name of trial, the reality is to let him experience the Phoenix power of the huge more attraction, but did not expect, or not.”

The face in the light smiled slightly: “Those who are on top of people, if they don’t have this kind of determination, how can they be on top of people?”

“For Han Qianqian to reject Xia Wei like this is a loss for my Phoenix Clan, but it is also a benefit.”

“The phoenix tribe, from the very beginning when the phoenix burned itself, was for the birth of Xia Wei, and the birth of Xia Wei was for the appearance of this man.

“The trials have shown that this son is incredibly talented, and he can also understand half of the Golden Phoenix Heart, and his character is also of high quality. Xia Ran nodded: “It is good that Grandma Ancestor had anticipated this and arranged for Xia Ran to have this plan, otherwise, Ran’er would not really know what to do with him.”

“This plan will be successful.” She smiled faintly.

Xia Ran frowned slightly and asked carefully, “Is it Su Yingxia?”

“Exactly.” She smiled again, “This is Han Qianqian’s throat, like the wings of a phoenix and the scales of a dragon. Perhaps, too, as they say, it is Su Yingxia’s destiny and duty to Han Qianqian.”

“All things and all people have their meaning, like you, like me, like Su Yingxia, like Xia Wei, like him, like Han Qianqian.”

“We all exist for the sake of the end, only, some are the main characters, some are the supporting characters, some are the red flowers, some are the green leaves.”

Xia Ran nodded, respectfully and said, “Xia Ran understands.”

“Good, since they are already out of the Peach Source and we have handed Xia Wei over to Han Qianqian, everything we have completed the destiny and reincarnation of these thousands and thousands of years.”

“In the future, you should pay more attention, although Xia Wei has a destiny, but after all, she is your sister, and you should take care of her more.”

“Xia Ran understands.”

She nodded, and in the next second, the light faded, and the Peach’s Source began to return to its original colour, and everything returned to the state it was in when Han Qianqian and the others left.

With a slight rise and a shake of her head, Xia Ran mouthed something and turned around to go inside the ancestral hall.

But a moment later, she suddenly walked out with quick steps and looked at the peach forest in the distance, “Oh no!” With those words, she hurriedly rushed to the peach forest.

At that moment, Han Qianqian, after jumping into the water illusion, felt the water swirling around them.

When they opened their eyes again, there was already a deserted mountain in front of them. The three of them had just gained a firm foothold, but at this moment, they were collectively dumbfounded ……